I’m a huge fan of the bucket list idea.  Actually, I’m a huge fan of lists in general.  I have my ‘everything to do before I’m thirty’ list, the ‘things Dan and I want to do together’ list, and of course my ultimate bucket list that acquires five more items for every one thing I actually accomplish.  And now, thanks to National Geographic (NG), I have my adventure bucket list.  NG compiled a list of the most extreme adventures out there. Some tasks include wingsuit flying off the Eiger and skiing K2.  Now to be completely honest, I’m about 99.9% sure I will never do anything on this list.  Lucky for me, NG also came up with the Next Best Adventure List.  While some of these items still look pretty daunting, a few might actually be doable.  I can already cross off

camel trek Morocco,

camal trek morocco bucket list, A Cruising Couple


and Dan got airborne in Queenstown when he road-tripped through New Zealand.

Nevis Bungy Jump, Bucket List, A Cruising Couple

  Hike the Appalachian Trail also made the list, and though I’m not quite sure it counts, Dan and I knocked off four miles of it on a climbing trip one weekend.

Appalachian Trail, bucket list, A Cruising Couple

  So in an effort to make progress on the Next Best Adventure List, Dan and I will be white water rafting.

Other items on the Next Best Adventure List that we definitely want to do: scuba diving with hammerheads.  Check out all the crazy stuff both lists have to offer for yourself. Maybe you’ll be inspired.  Just make sure you have good insurance first.

Adventure Bucket List