You may be wondering what happened to Cruise and Maritime Voyages, the British cruise line. Well, they went bankrupt about halfway through 2020. But fear not, you can still find great adult-only alternatives!

After Cruise and Maritime Voyages went bankrupt, there were questions about what company to turn to instead. It is time to try Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Saga Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises, or Virgin Voyages. Each of these cruise lines offers an adults-only experience; some are even all-inclusive.

In this post, we will discuss these four alternatives to Cruise and Maritime Voyages. In some comparisons, you will see which option may be the right one for you. Then each cruise line will be ranked and discussed in depth.

Booking An Alternative To Cruise & Maritime Voyage

Many different options can replace Cruise and Maritime Voyages, but how do you know which one is right for you? Cruise and Maritime Voyages was known for its adults-only experience and budget-friendly fares. Finding a replacement that meets all the criteria may be difficult, especially if you were a repeat customer, but there are four excellent options to consider.

The following chart compares four cruise lines that are a suitable alternative to the now out of business Cruise and Maritime Voyages:

Cruise Line Quick Facts Primary Regions and Ports of Call Average Guest Age Is It All-Inclusive?
Fred. Olsen Cruises ·         Four ships in the fleet

·         Less crowded

·         Mainly British vacationers

·         More personalized service

·         Not all cruises are adults only

·         Ocean and river cruises

·         Smaller ship size


·         Canada

·         Caribbean

·         Europe

·         Iceland

·         Norway

·         South & Central America

·         South Africa

·         The Baltic

·         The British Isles

·         The Canary Islands

·         The Indian Ocean


67 years old No, but an upgrade is available.
Saga Cruises ·         Attracts a British crowd

·         Balconies in every cabin

·         Solo-friendly travel experience

·         A very formal experience that has a strict dress code

·         WiFi, drinks, specialty dining, and taxi to port are included

·         Caribbean

·         Europe

·         Mediterranean

·         Scandinavia

·         South America

·         The Canary Islands

·         United States

Over 50 Yes
Viking Ocean Cruises ·         Balconies in every cabin

·         Environmentally friendly features like solar panels, hybrid engines, and an organic herb garden

·         No strict dress code

·         Not just ocean cruises, but they offer river cruises as well

·         Relaxed cruising experience

·         Strong partnerships with the University of Cambridge and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

·         WiFi, wine during dinner, specialty dining, and an excursion at most ports are included

·         Africa

·         Asia

·         Australia

·         Mediterranean

·         North America

·         South America

Over 18 only Yes, but it does not include gratuities.
Virgin Voyages ·         Gratuities included in the fare

·         No specific singles experience

·         A very relaxed cruising experience

·         Caribbean

·         Mediterranean

·         Transatlantic

Over 18 only Yes, but it does not include alcohol.


With all four options to choose from, you are bound to find a perfect replacement for Cruise and Maritime Voyages. Read on to learn about each cruise line individually and what makes them the perfect replacement!

The Best Option Overall: Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises offers a cruising experience that is relaxed and affordable. For this reason, it is the best option for adults only! The Viking cruise line also offers both ocean and river cruises, which allows you to see a more intimate side of many ports of call.

What makes Viking Cruises the best cruising option for adults only:

  • #1 river cruise option
  • 930 guest capacity for ocean cruises and only 95 staterooms available on river cruises
  • Award-winning ships
  • No strict dress code enforced
  • Options for intimate river or ocean cruises
  • Very relaxed dining, entertainment, and cruising experience

What Does Viking Cruises Have To Offer Adults?

Viking Cruises also has a strict policy on only allowing guests that are over 18 years old. This also means their programming will be geared only toward adults. They also have the quiet season Mediterranean itinerary, which allows you to travel in the offseason without the crowds and kids you may otherwise see during the busy season.

Some of the entertainment you can find on their ships include:

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Craft projects
  • Cultural performing art forms
  • Guest lectures
  • Music from classical and regional ensembles
  • Short films, screenings
  • Specially curated library

There are many amenities available to guests on Viking Cruises, but Viking does not have:

  • Casinos
  • Umbrella drinks
  • Windowless staterooms

Other amazing reasons to take a Viking Cruise are the award-winning Viking Longships, which offer spaces designed for the best passenger experience:

  • Aquavit Terrace – Outdoor dining space, located at the bow of the ship
  • Sun Deck – Fresh air and 360-degree views, with an herb garden to excite your senses
  • The Library – Offers intellectual and inspirational books specially curated for Viking guests
  • The Restaurant – Panoramic windows to accompany a delicious dining experience
  • Viking Lounge – Large windows for impeccable views in a peaceful and casual setting

In addition to having beautiful amenities and spaces on Viking Cruises, they also stop at some scenic destinations all around the world.

Viking Ocean Cruises go to different locations than the Viking River Cruises. The following chart compares these locations:

Ports of Call for Ocean Cruises Only Ports of Call for River Cruises Only
·         Asia

·         Australia

·         North and South America

·         Quiet Season Mediterranean

·         Scandinavia

·         The Baltic

·         The Caribbean

·         The Mediterranean

·         World Cruises and Grand Voyages

·         Asia

·         Egypt

·         Europe

·         Mississippi

·         Russia

·         Ukraine

Now that you have learned about the top option, it’s time to look at the other three cruise lines that are also great for adults. Each cruise line has its own unique attributes to consider.

The Best Cruise For Adults Over 50: Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises has a strict age qualification as part of their booking conditions. All guests booking with Saga Cruises must be over 50 years old. The only exception is if someone aged 40 to 49 is traveling with another person aged 50 or older, then the younger person can also attend. However, if you are traveling alone, you must be 50 years old or older.

Saga Cruises also offers cruises on the river or out in the ocean. The following charts show the differences in ports of call based on the waterway:

Ports of Call for Ocean Cruises Only Ports of Call for River Cruises Only
·         Asia

·         Australia

·         North and South America

·         Quiet Season Mediterranean

·         Scandinavia

·         The Baltic

·         The Caribbean

·         The Mediterranean

·         World Cruises and Grand Voyages

·         Asia

·         Egypt

·         Europe

·         Russia

·         Ukraine

Things that set Saga Cruises apart from other cruise lines are the things they do include in their fares:

  • All-inclusive drinks – Alcohol and soft drinks have no added cost.
  • Sightseeing excursions – At select ports starting in April 2021, these will include visiting local attractions, like museums or parks.
  • A balcony in every room – No windowless cabins here!
  • Free chauffeur service – Pick up and drop off within 250 miles of the port
  • No charge for snacks or room service – You do not pay for the tiny extras when a craving hits late at night.
  • On-board gratuities – All tips are included in your fare.
  • WiFi – Never worry about paying per minute for internet service again
  • Exercise classes – There has never been a better reason to get to the gym; it is free after all!

Saga Cruises is a great alternative to Cruise and Maritime Voyages! And there is so much included in their fares that it is hard to consider the other options, especially if you want a truly all-inclusive cruising experience.

The Most Versatile Cruising Experience: Fred. Olsen

Fred. Olsen Cruises also is compromised of both river and ocean cruise options. Additionally, they offer a mix of formal requirements and informal activities. They specialize in customer service that gets personal. Through their small ship size and four-ship fleet, they can create a personalized experience that you share with hundreds of guests.

Fred. Olsen Cruises is set apart from other large companies like Carnival, which is family-oriented and has thousands of guests on every ship. They provide a long list of activities for you to participate in:

  • Arts and craft lessons
  • Card and other group games
  • Cooking demonstrations and lessons
  • Fitness classes
  • Fun quizzes
  • Guest speakers and performers
  • Language classes
  • Live music and dancing
  • Painting tutorials
  • Singing and dance lessons
  • Theatre workshops
  • Yoga and Pilates

With multiple ways to relax, you can surely find an experience or event that suits your tastes. There is even the added bonus of a cruise ship book club, which is one thing that is unique to Fred. Olsen Cruises.

Choose to read any or all three books selected to read ahead of time or during your trip. The categories are:

  • Book Club Classic
  • Non-Fiction Pick
  • Suspense Thriller or Crime Mystery

Stop by Book Club to discuss any of the Fred. Olsen Cruises’ picks, which are announced well in advance of your cruise. Keep in mind Book Club is only offered on cruises of 7 nights or longer.

Things to consider as they are not included in the fares on Fred. Olsen Cruises:

  • Any drinks
  • Dining in premium restaurants and cafes
  • Gambling
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Parking
  • Shore Tours
  • Some fitness classes
  • Spa and health treatments
  • Travel to and from port
  • WiFi

The Best Relaxed Experience: Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages offers the most laidback experience of the four alternatives to Cruise and Maritime Voyages. Virgin Voyages also sails with a fleet of superyachts. This is quite different from the previous cruise lines discussed. They are focused on creating a luxury cruising experience with the ease and flexibility of a relaxed cruise itinerary.

Virgin Voyages has many different amenities and activities to keep you busy or help you relax while you are on vacation:

  • 20 eateries to try while cruising – From late-night dining to Korean BBQ, there are choices for everyone
  • Fitness and wellness – Sit poolside, workout in the gym, stop by the barber, or get a new tattoo
  • Immersive and modern attractions – Dinner party shows set to reimagined classics, these world-renowned producers and artists have created unmatched entertainment.
  • Michelin-starred chefs – Making your dining experience one of a kind

Another major difference Virgin Voyages has is its commitment to no buffets or large dining halls. They are dedicated to making your dining experience intimate and tasty. Among being the most relaxed cruising experience, they have options for the foodies in your circle.

In addition to their regularly scheduled destinations, Virgin Voyages also has On Deck sailings. These cruises focus on music. The hottest DJs and artists perform on these cruises, with up-close concerts and performances at the Beach Club at Bimini.

Other Cruise Lines That Are Almost Adults-Only

There are a few other cruise lines that offer similar cruising experiences to Cruise and Maritime Voyages, but they are not adults only. However, if you can look past that minor detail, these cruise lines have a lot of great options.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line is an unrivaled experience. They also have many amenities and activities included in their cruising experiences. They cruise to 14 different destinations, and they have world cruises and grand voyages, as well.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offer the following things for all of their guests:

  • Exhilarating shore excursions
  • Exquisite meals
  • Luxurious ships
  • Refined service

They have an all-inclusive experience which provides you with many unique things for free, including:

  • 1-night pre-cruise hotel package
  • 2- or 3-night land programs
  • Chauffeuring service from ship to airport
  • Open bars and lounges
  • Pre-paid gratuities
  • Roundtrip airfare on domestic flights
  • Specialty restaurants
  • Unlimited drinks and beverages
  • Unlimited shore excursions
  • Unlimited WiFi
  • Valet laundry service

Choose Regent Seven Sea Cruises if you want an exceptionally luxurious cruise vacation! These cruises are impeccable, but you will be spending quite a lot to get this unmatched lavishness and service. Their lowest fares tend to be a little more than $3,000 per person.

Grand Circle Cruise Line

Grand Circle Cruise Line is “the leader in personalized small group adventures on the road less traveled.” And on top of that promise, they also offer an amazing solo experience. These reasons are what put Grand Circle Cruise Line in the running as an alternative to Cruise and Maritime Voyages.

There are also some very compelling reasons to consider Grand Circle Cruise Line as your number one choice:

  • American perspective – Unlike some other cruise lines listed in this post, this cruise line tailors its experiences to Americans.
  • Best Price Guarantee – If you find a better price on a comparable trip, Grand Circle will match it!
  • Discovery series – Allows you to meet with locals and create cultural connections
  • Personalization – 85 percent of travelers add on trip extensions or upgrade their travel
  • Solo travel perks – Free Single Supplements on vacations, trip extensions, and roommate matching

Grand Circle travels to locations including:

  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • South America
  • South Pacific

No matter where in the world you want to go, Grand Circle Cruise Line offers a great solo cruising experience. They also share in sailing on both rivers and oceans with smaller ships that only allow about 200 guests.

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours

Scenic Luxury Cruises was originally an Australian-based company that is now worldwide. Scenic cruises are award-winning! They have received Cruise Critic and Magellan Awards for their luxury design and river cruising experience.

The destinations that Scenic Luxury Cruises sails to are:

  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • France
  • North and South America
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • The Artic
  • The Baltics and Fjords
  • The Mediterranean

Their staterooms are beautiful, but with luxury comes a price tag. Most Scenic Luxury Cruises cost at least $3,000 per person or more, depending on the destinations and length of the cruise.

If you want a truly all-inclusive experience, check out the Scenic Eclipse, which first sails in 2021. This ship has all the perks and luxury you could ever imagine, including:

  • 10 dining options – All-inclusive relaxed and fine dining available with a range of cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes
  • Beverages – No need to upgrade to an all-inclusive drinks package. Drinks from soft drinks to fine wines to top-shelf liquor, it is all included in your fare.
  • Luxury suites – Award-winning designs with private verandahs and lounge areas in every suite
  • Private butler – Need turndown service or a shoeshine? Your private butler will make your cruise a relaxing experience
  • Scenic Enrich – Hand-picked luxurxy excursions that provide a behind the scenes look to create unforgettable moments for an atypical tourist experience
  • Scenic Freechoice – Excursions onshore are included with options for you to choose what adventure works for you.
  • Seamless travel – No credit card required to check-in

From relaxing, beautifully designed staterooms to outdoor terraces and lounges, Scenic Luxury Cruises provides a lavish experience at every turn.

There Are Alternatives To Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Do not worry. By now, you have seen that there are great alternatives to Cruise and Maritime Voyages. From adults-only cruise lines to the best solo experiences around, there is a perfect cruise line for all sailors.

Try Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Saga Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises, or Virgin Voyages for a wonderful cruising experience to almost anywhere in the world. There is no need to miss Cruise and Maritime Voyages when you have choices of so many great options!