Sunday Snapshot | On Top of the World | Tromsø, Norway



The picture was taken in Tromsø, Northern Norway, on top of the mountain Storsteinen. Tromsø is a picturesque little city in the Arctic of Norway that offers you mountains, the Barents Sea, cruises on board of the Hurtigruten ships, and above all the most wonderful views. You can take a cable car to get on top of the Storsteinen and whereas the ride already offers you some magnificient views, once you get there you just have to gasp for breath. At least that is what I did. Standing there, 400 metres above sea level, overlooking the city of Tromsø was just marvellous! I really felt like being on top of the world and if you consider the city’s location in the High North, this expression gets an even deeper meaning. I could have stayed there for hours but it would have resulted in a death from cold. If you are in Tromsø, you just have to take the cable car ride! You will not regret it, I promise!

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