Day 33: White Fluffy Puppy

Taiwanese love their little, white, fluffy puppies. So much so that they dye their tails purple and bring them inside restaurants. Pretty cute, isn’t he? On a side note, this was taken at Sandwich and Coffee, a pretty good Taiwanese chain that, surprise surprise, has sandwiches and coffee. Free wifi too, so I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever around Nanya Rd next to the RT Mart and Holland Village.


Meet: Dan Moore

Dan is the photographer, social media strategist and second half of the A Cruising Couple team. He has been living and traveling full-time in various countries since 2011. His award winning photography has been featured on National Geographic, CNN and New York Times Travel.


  1. SO cute! You and Dan need to get one to complete your Taiwanese Family!

    • I’m slowly working on convincing Dan…at least when we move back to the States!


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