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In the meantime, we thought we would help with those Monday blues by sharing our cutest Taiwan puppy pictures. If this doesn’t cheer you up—or at least make you awww a few times—we don’t know what will.

We’ve already talked about the Taiwanese ‘cute factor’. As you might expect, it follows that Taiwanese adore their small, fluffy canines. They dress them up. They die their hair. They take them into restaurants and on trains and in department stores.

Even I have to admit, it doesn’t get much cuter than these 16 cute puppies from Taiwan.

Hope these furry bundles of joy bring a smile to your face!


Cute Puppy Smiling

Cute Dogs in Stroller Featured
Cute Puppy Purple Tail

Cute Puppy in Clothes

Cute Puppy in Car

Cute Puppy in Bee Clothes

Three Cute Puppies

Cute Puppy

Cute Dog Puppy

Cute Puppy on Scooter

Cute Puppy black
It’s worth noting that larger dogs are not nearly as fondled; as such, Taiwan currently has a massive stray dog problem. It’s common to buy dogs as pups, only to put them out on the streets once they are too large to accommodate. Luckily Taiwan doesn’t have any cases of rabies, but that doesn’t eliminate the other potential hazards of stray dogs overpopulating your public parks (not to mention the issue for the poor animals themselves). Taiwan’s stray dog problem has been gaining attention in the past year or so, in large part due to photographer Tou Chih Kang. His human-like portraits of stray dogs in Taiwan are eye opening, a display to inspire responsible pet ownership. Our photos might make you swoon, Tou’s will certainly bring tears to your eyes—especially when you know that 70 percent of dogs in Taiwan shelters are killed after a 12-day waiting period. Read more about Taiwan’s stray dog problem and view a sample of Tou’s work. If you want to learn more about ways to help, visit Animals Taiwan, a non-profit aimed at promoting the welfare of animals in Taiwan.


I know I promised to cheer you up with this post, but there was just no way we could flash all those cute puppy pics without also raising awareness of the darker side of pet culture. That said we want to end on a happy note, so here’s some pictures of what might be the happiest animals in the world.



Which puppy picture is your favorite? Can you contribute to the topic of stray dogs, in or out of Taiwan?