Hi! We’re Dan and Casey—lovebirds, world travelers, and adventurers extraordinaire. And this is our travel blog, A Cruising Couple. We believe adventure travel is for everyone – it’s all in how you look at life. We also believe you can live life to the fullest without having to sacrifice a bit of style and comfort in the process. That’s why we are bringing you the best of both worlds with our travel blog:

Adventure travel with a dash of class.

Whether you’re planning a two-week vacation or you’re on a permanent journey around the world, here at A Cruising Couple you’ll find the inspiration for your adventures and the resources you need to make them happen. To learn the whole story behind us lovebirds and our blog, be sure to read our full About Us page. We hope to have you along on our journey!


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– Recent Blog Posts –

Carmo’s Boutique Hotel: A Small Luxury Hotel In Portugal’s Most Spectacular Region

  It’s no secret that, given our travel lifestyle, we’ve stayed in countless hotels, hostels, resorts and apartments of all shapes, sizes and prices around the world. Throughout this time, we’ve learned that our favorite kind of accommodation is the small luxury hotel. The type of place that’s more like a friend’s guesthouse than a business—accommodation where you feel right at home (albeit more often than not at a... read more

A Must-Try Douro Valley Wine Tour in Portugal

    The Douro Valley makes a dramatic first impression. With its rolling green hills, a mighty river and lush vineyards and olive groves, it’s hard to imagine a better backdrop for sipping fine ports and table wines.     While the Douro Valley isn’t necessarily a secret, the destination doesn’t see nearly as many tourists as other famed wine regions such as Bordeaux or Napa. Drive just a... read more

Highlights From Our Spectacular Portugal Road Trip

  We will never forget our honeymoon road trip across the USA, cruising around Costa Rica with the top down on our Jeep, winery hopping in Chianti region of France or gawking at the Fjords in Western Norway, having your own set of wheels adds a whole new sense of freedom while traveling. And Portugal was no exception.     While it is possible to reach some of the... read more

– Adventure Travel –

Polar Diving – Next-level Diving Destinations and Tips

It’s true of just about any hobby, sport, profession, or other pursuit – you’re never going to truly grow unless you’re willing to step out of your comfort level. For experienced divers, that means finding new locations with new challenges and rewards – and nothing offers more new diving challenges or rewards than a plunge into the waters of the world’s Polar Regions. New challenges As an experienced diver... read more

How To See Lava on Hawaii’s Big Island: Kilauea Volcano

If you’re traveling to the Big Island of Hawaii, then you won’t want to miss the mesmerizing opportunity to see lava as it flows across a lava field and pours into the ocean. We weren’t really sure what to expect before our most recent trip, but seeing lava on the Big Island turned out to be one of our favorite things we did!     Kilauea, one of the... read more

Kalymnos Travel Guide: What To Do On Our Favorite Greek Island

  Greece is one of those magical destinations where we feel like you can’t really go wrong no matter which island you choose. Santorini is as romantic as can be, with its iconic whitewashed buildings and dramatic caldera. Rhodes has a rich history, beautiful beaches and one of the best-preserved fortresses in the world. Then, of course, there’s the mainland and Athens—a city a bit rough around the edges... read more

– A Dash of Class –

The Essential Guide to Visiting Cuba

The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba’s unique history and natural beauty have been captivating the travelers’ interest for decades. Remnants of colonial history dotted around its cities, Baroque palaces, vintage American cars, white-sand beaches and streets echoing with salsa rhythms are just a few of the reasons why you should add Cuba to your bucket list.   Before you start planning If you’re planning on visiting Cuba for... read more

The One Travel Essential We Wouldn’t Dare Leave Behind

We often get asked questions about what to pack for trips around the world. With limited suitcase space and weight, it can be hard to determine between the essentials and the nonessentials. If we had to pick just one item that outweighs them all in importance, we’d choose our sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses is, in our opinion, the one thing you just can’t go without when traveling.... read more

Wedding Anniversary Recap: Our Past 5 Travel Celebrations

For the last five years, we’ve celebrated our wedding anniversary in a new destination, and year #6 will be no different. We can’t imagine a better way to spend our anniversaries than by exploring a new place together. This May 21st, we’re popping the champagne in Portugal. We’ll be taking a road trip from Lisbon up to Coimbra and Aveiro, then stopping in Porto and driving the Douro Valley,... read more


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