Becoming a Musher: A Day of Husky Dog Sledding

A Day of Husky Dog Sledding

It might have been Lapland’s Northern Lights that initially caught our attention, but it was the chance to go dog sledding that proved to be one of the biggest determining factors for making the trip up north.   We absolutely love huskies. How could anyone not? They’re beautiful and playful and intelligent and really just […]

Sunday Snapshot | Happy Easter from the Hairy Highland Cow

Happy Easter

  Happy Easter from this hairy Scottish Cattle! Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend, wherever and however that might be! We had never heard of these cuddly little cows until we recently visited Konijanka’s Kotielainpiha in Finland. The farm also features llamas, camels, birds, pigs, horses, chipmunks and all things adorable! It might not be […]

That Time We Slept In a Hotel Made of Snow – Our Experience at the Snow Village, Finland

The Snow Village Finland

  We pulled up to a discreet looking entrance: a door surrounded by mounds of snow, tucked deep into the forests of Lainio, Finland. This is the Snow Village?     We might have driven right past it if it hadn’t been for the well-placed signage. But when we walked through the door we were […]

An Arctic Adventure in Swedish Lapland – Part 2

An Arctic Adventure in Swedish Lapland-2

This is part 2 of a travel narrative describing our wilderness adventure with Aurora Retreat in Swedish Lapland. Don’t worry—if you missed part one, you can read it here.     It was the second day of our arctic adventure. We had slept soundly that first night in the wilderness; our small sleeping cabins proved […]

Sunday Snapshot | Vase Rock on Xiao Liuchiu | Taiwan Straight

Vase Rock on Xiao Liuchiu

This was taken just before sunset at Vase Rock on the western side of Xiao Liuchiu, a small island in the Taiwan Strait. By Matt Gibson (     Want to see your picture featured on our Sunday Snapshot segment? We’re now accepting guest submissions! Just send us an email at acruisingcouple (at) gmail (dot) […]

The Northern Lights — Everything You Need to Know About Seeing the Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights_1

When we first booked our plane tickets to Stockholm, we had no intention of making the journey up north to Lapland. To be completely honest, I don’t think we even knew where Lapland was. But when we learned that the Northern Lights were visible there through the start of April, there was no question about […]

An Arctic Adventure in Swedish Lapland—Part 1

An Arctic Adventure in Swedish Lapland

  “The Wilderness holds more answers to questions than we have yet learned to ask.” Nancy Wynne Newhall   I never used to be much of a ‘wilderness’ girl. Growing up I had a tent for a bit, but I would set it up in our playroom and sleep in it indoors. My first ‘real’ […]

Sunday Snapshot | Sunset Over A Fjord | Narvik, Norway


It was a long day. We had breakfast in Finland. We drove to Sweden. We then took a train to Norway. We had no accommodation booked, so we walked with all our gear up and down the hills until we finally stumbled upon a guesthouse. But in the end, we made it. And this was […]

Hotel La Semilla | Rough Luxe at Premier Playa del Carmen B&B

La Semilla_8

“I think someone has brought my Pinterest board to life. This is exactly what I want my future home to look like.” It was my immediate reaction when we arrived at Hotel La Semilla, a boutique B&B tucked away in one of the trendiest parts of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. And it was something I […]

How To Take Better Travel Photos: The Exposure Triangle

How To Take Better Travel Photos The Exposure Triangle

Grab your cameras folks—it’s time for another edition of How to Take Better Travel Photos! If you’re new to the series, check out our previous lessons here. (If you’ve forgotten what your histogram should look like, I especially recommend giving this one a read-through before continuing.) Today we’re going to go over what the exposure […]