Are you planning to travel to Hong Kong this year? Then check out the best flight deals at Cathay Pacific by clicking on the link! And as the weather in Hong Kong begins to rumble, the time to step outside with sunscreen on your bodies, hats on your heads comes. The beaches overflow with boats, mountains covered with bicycles and parks filled with picnics to celebrate the comfort of good weather. 

1. Zipline at Tung Lung Chau Island

Step on to the charming Tung Lung Chau Island. There are many stunning cliffs through which zip lines are crossed.  Don’t worry if you are afraid of heights. You will be guided by experts and soon your fear of heights will vanish. Within a few seconds, a 40-meter long rope can be covered. While you enjoy the zipline journey look down to get a glimpse of some historical ruins. The bird’s eye view of the blue ocean and green giant cliffs is worthy for the amount you pay for the zipline. This doesn’t last all day around as it ends up within 6-7 hours staring at 10 am.  

2. Pink Dolphin Watching

In the premises of Pearl River Delta, cute pink coloured dolphins are roaming in pride. Visitors are picked up from one spot and carried through the sea to a certain spot to watch these pink dolphin beauties. You may have seen dolphins before, but pink dolphins are extremely rare to see. While you keep scanning for the dolphins, the guides will keep explaining every fact of them from habitat and food to the life cycle.  It will be a thrilling moment to see these beautiful dolphins jumping in and out of the water gently.

3. Hike to Dragon’s Back

Plan a hike to Dragon’s Back and burn a lot of calories on a single day! The Dragon’s Back hike is ideal for a half-day outing as the hikes’ total time would be around 5 hours.  This is one of Asia’s best urban hikes. You don’t have to be worried about the routes as you will be guided by experienced guides. This is not all about hiking through mountains and forests but also about a scenic spot and coastal terrain. Therefore, you will have great photography opportunities. The incredible views over the Big Wave Bay and the South China Sea will take your breath away. It is also amazing to relax on white sandy shores of Tai Long Kong. And don’t forget to swim in Big Wave Bay’s waters when you are here.  

4. Surfing at Big Wave Bay Village Shek O

Head to the Big Wave Bay Village Shek O for an amazing surfing experience. Surfing is an ordinary outdoor activity provided at most of the beach destinations. But surfing here is extra-ordinary due to the guidance given by surfing experts. They will build-up your confidence in surfing. You also can learn open ocean swimming and paddleboarding. In this azure water of Big Bay Wave Village Shek O, you will gain a lot of fun. 

5. Go on Camping

Head to the Sai Kung campground in Hong Kong for an amazing camping experience. This is suitable for a family as well as for a gang of friends to enjoy life overnight. Camping is an exciting outdoor activity loved by most people. Glamping or glamorous camping in luxurious tents is a unique experience that one could get at this campsite. You must catch a ferry or a mini boat to reach the campsite. It is a bonus amusement. Before pitching the tents ensure that the weather condition overnight would be pleasant or not. 

6. Join with food tasting tours

Beyond hiking trails, boat rides and adventures this is an uncommon outdoor activity, where you are accompanied by guides in food tasting tours! It is the best way to drive your taste buds crazy with all those authentic Hong Kong flavours. You will be eating like a local in Hong Kong when you are on these food tasting tours. There are food tours arranged into different tastes or themes namely, Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour, Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour, Temple Street Night Foodie Tour, Tai Po Market Foodie Tour and Hong Kong Local Craft Beer Tour. Choosing the one that best suits you is up to you. You can also learn everything from Hong Kong’s foodie tours; about the food ingredients to history and culture, everything is well explained by the Foodie Guides. 

7. Watch Horses races at Happy Valley Track or Sha Tin Racecourse

The ideal places to enjoy horse races are Happy Valley Track or Sha Tin Racecourse. In Hong Kong’s culture, horse races are popular since ancient times. Unlimited house wine, soft drinks and beers are served at surrounding restaurants and therefore, enhances the excitement of the show. Note that the entrance is only for elders over 18 years. You are not allowed to use flashes when taking photos of horses. There is also a dress code of smart casual to enter. Wednesday evenings are busy with almost eight races. Their grandstands hold a capacity for more than 85,000 individuals. You can see day/night weekly horse races. You can also enjoy playing tennis in the tennis court or a nice swim in a swimming pool. 

8. Kayaking at Sai Kung

The pristine waters of Sai Kung are the best place to do Kayaking in Hong Kong. It is one of Hong Kong’s amazing adventures that is suitable for anyone irrespective of the experienced level. Sai Kung is a better place for a beginner to learn to paddle. Your trip will usually start by exploring the remote beaches of Sai Kung and then you will be taken to the Sea Turtle Marine Reserve. You can also swim for a while before ascending to Sok Kwu Wan Sea Kayak Base. Then head to the channel going through the floating Fish Farm. 

9. Canyoning at Ping Nam Stream

The desires of adventure lovers will be consoled by Canyoning at Ping Nam Stream. This is called the Canyoning Sportive Adventure Activity in Hong Kong. Canyons are popular in Hong Kong as a water sport. This is the navigation leading down through those narrow and steep canyons. There are several techniques for swimming, climbing, downhill skiing and free jumping constructed by specialists to make the way downwards. You don’t have to worry about you doing it wrong because the professional experts here will give you proper guidance under ensured safety. This Canyoning experience will also come in handy when you have to face situations like rock climbing and abseiling. Make sure you have at least a couple of free days to go on canyoning as one day is for the adventure and another day for resting!  

10. Sunbathing, Waterboarding and Swimming in Sha Kiu Tau

Sha Kiu Tau is a less crowded sanctuary where you can give a rest to yourself away from the hustle-bustle city life. It is a place with many outdoor activities. Sip a glass of wine in a junk that has a capacity to accommodate about 30-40 persons. The Yan Ley seafood restaurant is the most interesting feature here. Warm sunshine provides you with a super moment to do waterboarding, swimming and to do banana boat rides. It also has good weather that is ideal for sunbathing.  

11. Eco-biking adventures

Eco-biking in Hong Kong is not an outdoor activity that can be done according to your wish. First, you must get permission from the Agriculture fisheries and Conservation Department. It doesn’t cost any money for you to take permission. The ideal location for Eco-biking is Wetland Park Road in Tin Shui Wai because of the beautiful scenery it offers to the bikers!

12. Ho Ho Go Walking Tours

Ho Ho Go Walking Tours offers a collection of historic and cultural walks in Hong Kong. But you will be taken to all off-beaten attractions in Hong Kong. This must be booked in advance because of the high demand.  Each route is narrated by the guide in the form of interesting stories and focuses on the development of Hong Kong. Headphones will be provided to you to listen to the narration. Listening to them is very important to carry on the tour meaningfully. You can get to know a lot of things that you have never heard about Hong Kong and it is amazing to enjoy some local delicacies at relatively less famous local food stalls.

13. Shopping at Stanley market

Among the outdoor activities, shopping holds a foremost position in Hong Kong because Hong Kong is famous as one of the top shopping destinations in Asia. On a pleasant free day, drag a bag and hurry to the Stanley Market located near the seaside. It is an ideal place to buy souvenirs and to find anything else you were looking for in Hong Kong. Items for sale vary widely and the traders are genuine so you do not have to bargain when buying goods. You are free to wander everywhere in the Stanley Market as no entry fee is charged. There is also the 19th century Murray House on the beach closer to the market. It has plenty of restaurants that treat visitors with mouth-watering refreshments on a hot day!