Travel memories are the memories that everyone wants to hold on forever. Be it a short trip to the countryside, or a long vacation to another continent, every travel memory is worth keeping alive and being cherished forever. 

Your travel memories are worth more than some space on your smartphone, and you need to make some efforts to keep your happy memories treasured. So here are some tips to keep your travel memories alive and close to your hearts. 

How to Keep Your Travel Memories Alive?

  1. Create a photobook 

The foremost to cherish your travel memories is to create a photobook especially designated to your travel pictures. You do not have to put any extra efforts this way, and it is a very low-cost method. You have to buy a photobook and add pictures to it that matter most to you. 

You can also choose different kinds of paper you wish your photobook to have. The layout, size, and definition of the pictures can also be selected as per your choice. In this way, you can keep your travel photos safe, and can flick through the photobook at any time in the future you wish to. 

Design your travel photo book according to your liking and also create a beautiful cover for it. It will give a new edge to your beautiful memories, and you can always revisit them through your book. 

  1. Create photo collage 

In case you are not satisfied with only creating a photobook, creating a photo collage is an excellent idea. When you create photo collages and hang them on your walls, the house looks refreshing and mesmerizing. You have to glance at the photo collage for a moment, and you will be able to revisit all the places in the pictures. 

All your travel stories will be captured in a few pictures, and you can also beautifully decorate your house this way. You can use CanvasPop to create customized photo collages of your choice and size you prefer. It will make your house look lively, and beautiful memories will always stay in front of your eyes. 

You can add as many pictures you want to add in a photo collage and choose the layout of your choice. Each photo collage will narrate a different story from a different travel location yours. Decorate your walls with adventures from the past in the form of photo collages and keep the memories alive forever. 

  1. Start a travel blog

What is better than keeping your travel memories in the form of a blog? You may also start earning money in the long run, if you turn out to be a successful blogger. Whenever you visit a new location, click pictures and start writing stories about it. 

Later on, when you come back to your place, create a blog and post your travel stories on it. In this way, you can share your experience with others and also pursue other people to complete their travel dreams. 

Writing a blog is beneficial for you in many ways, and you can start it with very little investment. It will keep a record of all your journeys, and you do not have to worry about losing a photograph or missing the details of any journey. 

  1. Dedicate an Instagram account to travel posts 

Talking of another, inexpensive way of creating the travel memories alive, is to sign up on Instagram as a traveler. You only have to create a new account and spare some time for your travel account. 

Make this account as a niche in the travel and post all your travel-related experience here. You will also gain plenty of followers on the way and can post every major and minor detail on account anytime. You do not have to wait to get back home to post your travel pictures and locations on Instagram.

It allows you to share your live location and videos as well. It is one of the best platforms to showcase your love for traveling and showing off your good travel pictures. Another great thing you can do on your travel account is to share the antique pieces you brought from the foreign lands. People love to watch this kind of archaic things, and you can share yours with them. 

  1. Make a photo calendar 

Memories can start dimming once you stop refreshing them, and the best way you can remember all your better moments is by making a photo calendar. Choose the 12 best of your pictures and make a calendar to all the beautiful moments of your life. Any design will work for your home and workspace. 

If you have a bit too many beautiful pictures and choosing just 12 is a troublesome task, make different calendars for workspaces, living rooms of your home, and bedrooms. This way, you can accommodate all your favorite pictures. You can even use photo collages for each month and hence get a seemingly endless memories calendar showing your lovely traveling moments. 

  1. Get your pictures out of home

Your beautiful moments deserve to be seen. To beautifully portray them for the world to see, you can use your pics as phone cases, keyrings, phone holders, on T-shirts, and even in your office. You can make a mouse mat to constantly remember freer times, when feeling stressed at work, or get a printed mug with the best picture of your trip. 

If you are regularly on the go and constantly traveling to new places, a travel blog is your best option to showcase your most treasured pictures and trips. Tell the world the stories of your exciting, adventurous, and even mundane travels and inspire others to begin a lifetime of adventure, too!