Have you always dreamt of going on holiday to one of those widely advertised coastal destinations like the Caribbean? Tickets worth $376 for a round trip to Bermuda from Miami are on sale this February and what better month to take a break from your busy life? Honestly, you deserve a treat and with this one, most of the work has been done for you. If you are down for it, clear your calendar from Thursday, February 27, 2020, to Thursday, March 5, 2020 – you have an entire week to enjoy paradise.

The flight will be by American Airlines and it will be direct. This means that once you are on the plane at your home airport, the first and only stop will happen at the destination. There are no limits on who you can bring; you can either round up your friends or whisk your significant other on a getaway of a lifetime. Did you know that an air ticket from Miami to Bermuda typically costs between $500 and $800? Right here is a bargain.


What will you see in Bermuda?

The textbook picture of Bermuda paints a picture of a place where people go to enjoy the ocean and have a spectacular beach experience. That is however only part of it, here is more;


Historical Buildings and Museums

The heritage and history of Bermuda is preserved in the many museums and buildings that have been built specifically to showcase life as it was in the past. Some exhibits capture the evolution of marine life and operations while others are dedicated to cultural evolution that includes slavery. Bermuda was a British colony and there is an evident influence of the English way of life in the structure of older buildings.  


Churches and worship places

To say that Bermuda is a country with a rich religious background is really an understatement. No other country in the world matches the number of churches per unit of space than Bermuda. The construction style of the various places of worship is what lets visitors in the era and inspiration behind the churches. From old gothic looking buildings built in the 1600s to newer wooden structures, the religious culture of Bermuda is alive now as it was then.  


Gardens, National Parks, and Nature Reserves

Basking on the beach is fun but it is not something you can do all the time for an entire week. If your idea of the perfect holiday is watching wildlife and passing time in parks and gardens, the numerous spots around Bermuda Island will be a pleasant treat. While in the reserves and parks, watch out for different bird species.


Historical Forts

The first human settlement in Bermuda took place in 1612 and this is when the building of the forts began. Today, there are more than 90 of them whereby the last was built around 1957 when the withdrawal of British garrisons took place.


Caves in Bermuda

For those who love to explore caves, there are 150 spots around Bermuda that can be done. Well, if that number sounds huge, just think of the fact that these are the known ones and there are many others which have not been discovered. Tourists can view several spectacular caves but only divers get to see many others that are underwater. If you have never seen stalactites and stalagmites or would like to try applying your geography class lessons, a visit to the caves is a must.


Art & Handicraft

Every destination of the world has some unique skill and expertise that has been passed through the generations. In Bermuda, the art galleries provide the perfect platform for visitors to interact with local artists. From exquisite paintings and crafts to local handmade glass that is blown as you watch, this aspect of the Island is simply amazing.


Sunset View Spots

You have the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean from various spots around Bermuda. How about you enjoy this view from the beach as you sip on your favorite cocktail? As a matter of fact, Bermuda is a photograph hub and picture taking is made simple by the many vantage points. While the western coast is the best for sunset photos, the eastern side is also a fertile ground for such.

The resorts situated on shores on the south are great view spots for the Bermuda sunset. Actually, they provide a private spot from the beach bars, rooms or open terraces.


Lakes & Harbors

You have not been to Bermuda if you did not make it to Hamilton Harbor. This is a port destination that is located in between Paget and Pembroke parishes. The hundreds of boats lined up on the harbor provide the best prop for an island photograph.

The great sound in Bermuda refers to a huge water area where a natural harbor formed. This is the open which opens up Bermuda to the Atlantic Ocean. Little sound is a name that is used in reference to a small waterway that is below the Great Sound.

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