Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia are popular tourist destinations – and we can’t blame them! There’s so much to see, do, eat, drink, and experience in these culturally rich countries. 

If you’re planning an elaborate and exciting trip to Southeast Asia, there’s one big consideration we’re asking you to make: hiring a scooter. These popular miniature vehicles used and beloved by tourists and locals alike.

It might sound a little out of your comfort zone…but hear us out. Hiring a scooter for your time in SE Asia will help you experience more of the region than would be possible with any other mode of transportation.

Below, we’re sharing a few reasons why you should consider scooter travel while you’re vacationing in this neck of the woods. 

Why You Should Consider Scooter Travel

1. The Fun

Of course, the fun takes the top spot on our list. Because when you’re traveling, you should be having an abundant amount of fun. And if you’re not, that’s just another good reason to try out a motorized scooter! 

Being able to drive yourself through the hills and forests and feel the wind in your hair and sun on your back is a one-of-a-kind feeling. 

2. The Independence

Second to fun is the independence that renting a scooter will provide you while you stay. With a scooter, you’re ready to hit the road any time you think of something you’d like to do or somewhere you want to go. Otherwise, you’ll end up stuck waiting for a taxi or file into a queue for a tour. 

Both of these options don’t even come close to the fun and the freedom that comes with renting a moped or scooter.

3. The Ease

They’re easy to use and navigate with, even in the busiest streets. During the evening or market hours, the populated streets in Southeast Asia come alive with people and culture. Foot traffic slows, and many areas are difficult to get through in a car. With a scooter, it’s easy to get around at any time – whether for a meal, a quick errand to the store, or a joy ride. 

If you want to familiarize yourself with some of the easier-to-drive scooter options, do some research beforehand on the RideTwoWheels website

4. The Affordability

Traveling to Southeast Asia is a great strategy for those who want to see the world in a cost-effective way. It’s possible to visit these areas and keep your per diem spending low. In many places, you can get away with a day’s scooter rental for just $6-10. 

What’s even better is the low cost of fuel. This means you can literally get by with this form of transportation for a fraction of the cost of any other transportation. 

5. The Speed

Scooters are great because they are small and speedy. Their size and agility mean you can weave in and out of traffic, while large buses and cars must sit and wait. With a moped or scooter, you can cut driving time nearly in half. Not only does that mean less downtime at stop lights, but also more time for the stuff you actually want to do. 

We hope we’ve sold you on the idea of renting a scooter during your travels to Southeast Asia. We’ve learned a lot from our experience traveling, and our goal is simply to share the tips we’ve garnered over the years in order to improve others’ trips as much as we can. Without further ado, get to packing those bags and enjoy Southeast Asia!