It’s common to associate the Caribbean islands with affordable beach vacations, since a lot of the islands offer all-inclusive packages at low prices (especially during the off-season). It’s also common for people to have been on one of these vacations at least once. Maybe you’ve said to yourself in the dead of winter, “enough is enough” and booked a sunny trip last-minute. Maybe it’s the trip you look forward to most each year because it just means pure relaxation and no responsibilities. 

Whatever the case for you, you may not find as much excitement in these kinds of holidays anymore. Aside from the stunning scenery and beautiful weather (most of the time), if you’ve visited a few times and have tried all the activities, it may start to seem—gasp—boring.

But have you truly tried all the activities you could? Or have you tried to make your trip more exciting or luxurious? There’s always a way to spice up your trip, so even if you do retreat to the same destination year after year, you’ll always have something new to try and make memories doing. For your next trip, why not go all-out and try a more luxurious spin on your beach holiday? 

Here are three ways to soak up a life of luxury while you’re in the Caribbean. 

1. Charter a yacht

Take your beach vacation to a whole new level by trading in your usual hotel resort on the beach for a luxury yacht on the sea. Enjoy a USVI yacht charter from for a unique way to explore the Caribbean islands in style. If you just want to relax and enjoy the views and the sun, you’re more than welcome to. If you want a more adventure-style trip on your yacht, you can try some of the specialty yachts available, including scuba diving, sailing and spa and wellness packages. 

2. Stay at a spa resort

Speaking of spas, you could turn your entire trip into a spa getaway by staying at a spa resort. It’s different than a resort that has a spa, or that offers some wellness treatments. These resorts are designed specifically to cater to those who want to be pampered the entire time they stay there, offering a wide variety of options for guests to do so. Luxurious treatment rooms and pools with massages, facials, and many other body treatments you want at your beck and call.  

3. Book a private island getaway

Yes, you can book a beach getaway while you’re on a beach getaway. Think of it as if it’s a day spent away from the crowds at your resort, and an opportunity to truly enjoy the serenity of the scenery. You and your party can charter a boat to take you to a private island that you can rent yourself for the ultimate luxurious vacation splurge. You could even book your entire vacation on a private island. If that might be a step too far, you can always find an excursion through a travel company for a day trip to a private island, and most of these trips include food and drinks, and of course plenty of entertainment from a live band on the island.