Whether it’s coming face to face with orangutans in Borneo, or observing the extremely rare snow leopards in Mongolia, nature has a way of reminding us that we’re not the only ones inhabiting this planet. 

Many travellers have their own reasons as to why they favour certain wildlife destinations. Possibly because it’s where they’re most likely to see thriving prides of lions or the increasingly threatened African wild dogs. Others opt for destinations that reveal jungles and bamboo forests they haven’t had the chance to explore yet. 

With a planet so diverse, wildlife holiday destinations range anywhere from the grasslands of the savanna to the archipelago in the amazon. Discover some of the best wildlife holidays for 2020

Trek Through Uganda and Visit the Mountain Gorillas 

Mountain gorillas can only survive in the wild, meaning that this would be your only chance to engage with these incredible creatures. They’re hidden in the dense vegetation in Uganda, which is home to more than half of all mountain gorillas. 

Not only will you have the chance to experience the daily lives of the gorillas, but you’ll also encounter over 1000 bird species and an array of other wildlife. Other primates wander the lush forests, such as the endangered golden monkey and grey-cheeked mangabeys. 

Yet another unique animal found along the lakesides is the shoebill stork. With a whale tale beak and intriguing eyes, they’re something quite rare to observe. 

A safari trekking through the forests of Uganda is not simply a walk through the vegetation, it is considered to be quite challenging. Investing in proper hiking shoes is a necessity. But it is surely one of the most memorable experiences you could possibly have. 

Accommodation throughout the forests is offered in comfortable lodges or permanently pitched tents, designed to cause as little disturbance to the wildlife. Expert guides will lead you safely through the jungle grounds to quietly observe the gorillas. 

The Great Serengeti Migration

It’s credited as being one of Africa’s greatest wildlife destinations and an iconic safari experience. Each year over 200 million wildebeest, gazelle and zebra migrate across the plains of the Serengeti to the Masai Mara National Reserve for fresh grazing. It offers some of the best wildlife viewings in Africa.

During the rest of the year, the Serengeti offers other amazing wildlife viewings. Each season shows off something different. The months of June and July are when the great migration occurs, while the famous Mara River crossing can be witnessed in September. The best general wildlife viewings are from June to October. 

Given its extreme popularity, there are numerous camps and luxury lodges in both Tanzania and Kenya. During your stay, you’ll have numerous safari drives throughout the day, which gives you the opportunity to view the different animal activities. The major African animals can be easily spotted as they occur in great numbers here.

Botswana’s Desert and the Okavango Delta

An abundance of large mammals call Botswana home, and when it comes to wildlife conservation, the country plays a leading role. The land has been inhabited for 100,000 years and continues to be looked after by leading organizations to protect the endangered species. Now big cats, giant elephants and ancient rhinos roam the savanna and marshlands freely under watchful eyes.

Open-aired safari vehicles with experienced guides will drive you safely around the parks. The guides are in constant communication with each other, this way you have the best chance of spotting rare sightings. Join night drives in search of nocturnal animals and witness the stars in a sky free of light pollution. 

As well as seeing the vast grasslands you can visit the Okavango Delta, a unique wetland that covers between 15 000 km of the Kalahari desert. It’s become one of Africa’s most abundant waterholes and a breeding space for hundreds of bird species. Visit the Delta and you’ll have the opportunity to spot hippos, crocodiles and large populations of land mammals. 

Travel Back in Time to the Galapagos Islands

For many years the Galapagos Islands remained a secret paradise for nature enthusiasts. The islands were difficult to reach in past years, allowing for flora and fauna to thrive without human interference. Today, it is a superb wildlife opportunity for nature lovers. 

Not only will you be seeing incredible animals, but you’ll also be seeing some of the greatest archipelago landscapes. There are many volcanic peaks with newly formed lava fields, coastal cliffs with sandy shores, and lush green forests. 

As well as exploring the land, water enthusiasts have the opportunity to scuba dive in the crystal waters to discover thriving underwater species. Whale sharks, manta rays, sunfish, and hammerhead sharks live among the beautiful reefs. 

The best way to see most of the islands is by booking a cruise to this gorgeous paradise. The cruise is led by natural history experts who have grown up in Galapagos and each day you’ll stop at wildlife-rich sites. Upon land, you’ll observe many giant tortoises, the famous Galapagos iguanas and resting sea lions along the shores. 

Discover Sri Lanka’s Unique Diversity 

Truly a nature lover’s dream, Sri Lanka is home to 120 species of mammals, the largest populations of sperm whales and blue whales, and 277 species of birds. Unlike your typical wildlife creatures, you can expect to see some indigenous animals that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. 

It’s one of the top spots for biodiversity. Some of the unique beings you’ll find here are sloth bears, the Sri Lankan leopards and elephants, dugongs and Purple-faced Langurs. These animals thrive here because of the remarkable terrains. 

There are 22 Sri Lanka National Parks, with each one offering numerous safaris. Depending on whether you’re an elephant or leopard lover, you can travel to different regions of the island to spot different indigenous animals. 

Game drives throughout the park are done mainly in the mornings and late afternoons with plenty of down-time to enjoy doing what you please. While there are many luxury lodges and resorts, tented safari camping can be a surprisingly different way of experiencing the Sri Lankan jungles. 


With such vast landscapes, wildlife has had the chance to evolve into wonderful and diverse creatures to be enjoyed by us all. From giant turtles to silverback gorillas, no matter where in the world you are, there is always something new to discover. 

Wildlife travel offers you the chance to explore nature in its natural form, with little interference from humans. Discover these top wildlife destinations in 2020 and uncover the wildest range of natural beauty.