As a freelance writer, your time is precious. You want to be able to write as much as possible, while keeping standards high, to maximize your earning potential. There are online tools that can help you such as scribbr’s plagiarism tool. As a freelance writer, the biggest drain on your time could be work being rejected. This will help stop this from happening as it will allow you to quickly check your work. 

You need to value yourself and your work as a writer, acknowledging how good you are. You need to find a good balance between landing clients but keeping your rates high. If you set them too low people might think that you are not very talented. You know yourself whether you are a beginner or an advanced writer, make sure your rates reflect this. Consider how much time a piece of work will take you and how much you are aiming to make in an hour. 

Target high paying clients. It is better to have fewer clients that pay more so that you can keep your standard of work high. You want to be proud of everything you are putting out. If you are just starting and need more advice on setting rates then click here. If your work is of a high standard you are more likely to get repeated work, which is great news if the client pays well. You can also ask them to leave you testimonials or reviews to attract other high-quality clients. If you have been working with them for a long time you could even ask them to refer you to people they know. 

You may be using websites such as Upwork to get clients. This is fantastic for finding good clients however they take a high percentage. After you have done some initial work for a client bring them out of the website. Build up strong relationships by having their email, speaking on Skype or sharing your social media. If you are new to these websites and are struggling to find clients then fear not. The first clients are the hardest to get as following this you will have reviews and experience which shows on the site. Consider doing some work for someone you know to get you started. 

Try to increase your productivity so that you can get work as quickly as possible, with more time to look for new clients and gain more work. There are lots of potential productivity hacks, which include sticking to a routine and keeping healthy. Another idea could be to start meditating, you can even find specific productivity meditations videos online. Make sure you are working in a distraction-free space and that you take regular breaks. 

In conclusion, making it as a writer can be tough but there is the potential to earn good money. Value your skills and your time and charge a reasonable amount for your work. Get into good routines, after all, if you don’t you will only be cheating yourself. You have a lot of potential that is just waiting to be unleashed!