Whenever you travel, it’s best to pack light. After all, you’re not going to want to lug a heavy bag around. Plus, you need room in your suitcase for some good souvenirs!

No matter how much you travel, it’s still hard to know what is worth shoving in your suitcase. Especially if you’re going to a few different places during your trip. No matter where you head, these accessories are worth bringing along. They are sure to save you some headaches as you explore.

1-      A Distinct Phone Case

This might seem like a strange thing to need, but it is a lifesaver. Having a distinct phone case means you have an easy way to identify your phone in public quickly. If you’ve got something bland, it’s far easier to lose our phone. It’s also more likely to be stolen because a thief knows it’s harder for you to identify when it’s indistinct. 

It would be best if you balanced style with function though. Make sure your phone case has some protection against drops and bangs. There are some protective and pretty phone cases out there on the market, you need to search for them. Most of the best looking iphone 11 cases blend these two factors, giving you peace of mind and cute selfies wherever you go. 

2-      A Thin Oversized Scarf 

Next up, when you’re travelling carrying a thin oversize scarf or sarong is an excellent idea. If you’re taking a trip to the tropics, these make easy and breezy cover-ups, and can even act as a little shield from the sun. 

On the other hand, if you’re going somewhere where you’ll be visiting sacred temples, churches, and shrines, these are the perfect ways to cover up without feeling too hot. Moreover, after you’re done at the site, you can stuff the thing back in your bag without it taking up too much space.

These thin sheets of fabric are the perfect versatile accessory whenever you want to travel. These little scarves can even be picnic blankets in a pinch. 

When it comes to colder climates having an extra layer can be handy. It can be a stylish accessory when drinking hot chocolate in the ski resort or the perfect additional barrier above your jacket to keep out the cold.

3-      A Tiny Towel 

Third, on our list is a pocket-sized towel. A small towel that you can throw in your bag to wipe off your face or clean your hands when there’s no paper towel present is the perfect thing you need when you’re travelling around. 

In places like Africa and Asia, it’s common not to find paper towels in the bathroom, so having one is a necessity. Plus, in general, travelling can be a kind of athletic affair, you’re running from place to place, and it’s nice to have a way to wipe down and feel clean.

4-      A Sturdy Pair of Headphones

Lastly, it’s decent idea to have good headphones when you travel. Having a pair you can rely on will make every part of your trip better, whether you want to fly across the ocean or take a bus across the country you need good headphones to make that transit time bearable.  

In the End

All in all, what things you need will alter slightly depending on where you travel. There might be something super special that makes your trip even better, but in general, without these four things, you’ll start to feel a little lost. As you travel, you only get better at it, but a kick start your journey today as you pack the perfect bag.