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The United States is known for having an expansive land area that contains some of the world’s best landscapes. But aside from vast planes and scenic inland attractions across all 50 states. the country’s coastlines are also blessed with features that were made to leave you speechless the first time you see them. 

So, if you are thinking of going on a road trip to either side of the country, here are a few seaside destinations you might want to check out.

Cape Cod, MA

Let us start from the east where there is plenty of seafood dishes you might want to stuff your mouth with. And the state of Massachusetts definitely offers that and more to any newcomer. The best way to get started is to visit Cape Cod, a top summertime attraction for people who love beaches, great good, and a historical heritage always amazes. The resort island of Nantucket is close by to offer very impressive attractions. 

San Juan Islands, WA

If you’re planning to go on a boating tour, then the West Coast is definitely the place to be and Washington has pretty great seaside spots to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Of course, for yachting, you can go to

Bottomline is, there is always something to look forward to when you are out looking for impressive seaside spots. But if you want to go on a scenic tour of the northern West Coast, check out the San Juan Islands. This cluster of earth and vegetation is Washington’s well kept secret. Be sure to go spotting for killer whales or camping on Shaw Island.

Destin, FL

Of course, no list of the world’s best beach destinations wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Florida. Having one of the longest coastlines (in fact, second only to Alaska), the state offers a lot of venues for people who want to spend their vacation time catching some rays and enjoying margaritas. 

What stands out the most, at least along the side facing the Gulf of Mexico, is the City of Destin. Renowned for its white sand beaches and wildlife attraction, this part of Florida’s panhandle offers a lot of great activities for people who want to get a taste of Southern beauty. If you’re planning to visit Florida next summer, you might as well include Destin in your itinerary.

Kenai, AK

Is Florida too hot for you? Why not drive up to the beautiful natural scenery of the Alaskan frontier and get your dose of what it means to stay cool. There are a lot of notable places you should visit along the coastline, but you can find the best of them near Anchorage. Kenai, for sure, looks unassumingly ordinary, but it’s exactly this characteristic that makes it so beautiful! From its rich wildlife to cultural attractions with Russo-Asian features, Kenai has to be the only seaside option you would want to visit in the extreme north.

Don’t let the itch for traveling get the better of you. Look for these worthwhile seaside attractions on your next travel plan.