Even though it’s the state’s capital, Sacramento often gets overlooked for entertainment purposes. People tend to focus on San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Those places are renowned for their culture and beaches while Sacramento can often be left behind.

But usually, people underestimate the capital city.

There is plenty of liveliness in here, everything from catching a Kings game to outdoor activities like white water rafting Sacramento CA. You don’t have to head down south to find a handful of fun and great activities.

Below, we will highlight some of the great places to visit in the city that are perfect for travelers and residents alike.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park

They have plenty of sunshine here in Sacramento, and you’d regret your trip if you didn’t check out the state park. This park is filled with artefacts and an old town from back during the Gold Rush era. 

It’s a great family activity as you can spend the day walking around and checking out the various souvenir shops. There are plenty of landmarks and places that have been perfectly preserved over the years. You don’t want to miss it!

The Handle District

This lovely district is a part of Midtown that has some of the best places for shopping, eating, and just hanging out. You can find everything here, from a small cafe for you and your friends to an amazing restaurant before hitting the town. 

If you’re looking for shopping, plenty of the stores are close together within walking distance so you can shop until you drop! 

Soil Born Farms

Those who like to step out into nature should definitely add Soil Born Farms to your list. Located near the American River, this farm grows plenty of organic products and has many activities that are perfect for a date or family activity.

They usually have some musical events on the weekend as well, meaning you can head out there for a relaxing weekend, enjoying nature and music while eating healthy!

White Water Rafting

Speaking of the American River, why not get wet with some white water rafting in Sacramento, CA? Ideal for groups or families, there are plenty of different difficulty levels for you to try out with expert guides. 

There are plenty of one-day trips or multi-day trips that come in various packages and offer something for you and everyone you’re with. Why not give it a try and go down the rapids?

Wide Open Walls

Are you an art fan? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sacramento loves to pride itself on the streets that are in and around the city. Walk among the streets, and it will be hard not to see the larger-than-life murals that adorn the city walls. 

If you visit in the summer, they have a festival called the Wide Open Walls Festival where you can see people expertly painting their murals along the walls. If not, you can still take a casual stroll through downtown and Midtown to enjoy the art!

Little Saigon

You might not think Sacramento as an international destination, but over ⅓ of the residents here are from outside the US.

That means that you can let your palette go wild by trying all sorts of different foods from all over the world. There is plenty of street food stands set up so you can eat and burn calories at the same time. Yum!