Hiking shoes (check)

Flashlight (check)

Snacks and water (check) …

While you’re busy packing YOUR stuff for hiking, did you get a chance to see what’s with your pet essentials? (considering that you decided to take your dog along) 

Agreed, dogs make for really great companions but there are certain considerations that need to be made when you plan to take them hiking. And, we have mentioned the same for you below. 

Read on and get prepped up! 

  • Follow the hiking etiquette 

Dogs are not allowed everywhere so, don’t presume otherwise. 

Before setting out on your trail, do check if dogs are allowed. Mostly, many have restrictions on the same. 

If you don’t do so, you might find yourself paying a hefty fine and not to mention the disappointment of fellow hikers.

Be a responsible fellow and conform to the rules of the place before you hit the trail. 

  • Endurance and health of your dog

You just can’t plan one day that I’m going to take my dog along on the trail and do so. 

There are actually a lot of factors that come into play and the most important of them all, is the endurance of the dog.

Make sure your dog is capable of the physical exertion involved in the hike. Your dog’s age, gender, weight, breed, and health history need to be considered here. 

Also, check if the seasonal temperature is okay for your dog or not. Dogs tend to overheat upon exerting a lot of energy outdoors on hot days. 

  • Pet First Aid Kit

Now, you need to make a separate first aid kit for your dog too. It’s just as important as yours and serves the purpose in case of an emergency. 

For instance, if unfortunately, your dog gets a laceration on a paw pad, you can aid him until you reach the veterinary clinic at least. 

  • Prevent your bud against parasites

Rivers, lakes, and ponds are the source of parasites. The water in there is stagnant and comprises bacteria and parasites that can make your dog sick. 

Heard of Leptospirosis?

It’s a flu-like disease that affects dogs. It is caused by parasite contaminated soil and water. 

Cure? There’s a Leptospirosis vaccine that although is not effective against all strains but can possibly help your dog if exposed. (God forbid for it)

If you decide to opt for it, do make sure to take it at least two weeks prior to your hike. Your veterinarian will guide you the same. 

  • Don’t ignore the fleas and ticks

When your dog is accompanying you on the hike, you need to be extra cautious of its health and well-being. There are a lot of ticks and flies en route. So, make sure to give your dog preventive care, i.e. flea repellent at least 48 hours before hitting the trail. 

  • Leash and collar

No matter the policy of trails, make sure that your dog wears an identifiable collar. This will help just in case you’re separated at any point in time during the hike. 

Moreover, it is advisable to carry a leash so that your dog is in total control and does not wander off unnecessarily. (obviously chasing wildlife)

  • Other essentials

Some other considerations include carrying the following essentials along:

  1. Pet food
  2. Pet bowls
  3. Pet rain jacket
  4. Dog blanket

Besides, if you plan on carrying a dog backpack, make sure your dog is accustomed to carrying it well in advance so that it is spared of any surprises!

Final Word

Follow these tips and we assure you of an exciting adventure with your mate.

Slide into your Danner military boots, grab your backpack, get hold of your pet and hit the trail. Happy hiking!