There is no better time to do some traveling as when you are a student. Long summer holidays mean that you can plan for an extended trip and really see the sights of the places you visit.

What’s more is that you are in your social prime and experiencing other cultures and their nightlife should be at the top of your holiday planning list. Being a student also means that you can probably also get some discounts here and there. If you are looking for the ultimate destination, then two words will sum it up for you, Barcelona Travel.

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Why Barcelona?

Deciding to go to Barcelona will not only satisfy your hunger for adventure, but you can do it on a budget. There are hundreds of things to do in Barcelona and you might even find yourself booking a follow-up trip because of the things you didn’t get around to.

A Barcelona travel guide is a good place to start to plan your itinerary, seeing that you will have to choose between hundreds of sights and experience arguably the best nightlife in Europe.


What can you expect to find?

The best time to visit Barcelona is during springtime. You will be met with high temperatures, but the pristine beaches have you covered. It isn’t as hot as in summer, and the crowds are somewhat smaller.

Nevertheless, you will still find that there is plenty to do, especially during the evenings. If you are more into seeing the sights, prepare to do some walking, but with amazing rewards.

Barcelona is home to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture and a hand full of ancient ruins. You can spend days getting lost in the medieval streets and alleys and even discover some surprises along the way.

Barcelona has something for everyone. As a student, you should be able to treat yourself from time to time. Sometimes you need to say “Do my assignment for me” and spend some time exploring the world. Understandably, you want to free up yourself from the writing work when you travel.


Let’s talk budget

If you are going to travel, then you need to pay attention to your budget and plan ahead. Although Barcelona is not the cheapest holiday destinations there are, you can get away with a $40 budget a day, including your stay. There are a number of free walking and bus tours that will take you to all the popular sights.

When it comes to your meals, there is something for every budget, but do your homework and ask the locals where you can get the best grub. Try and stay away from the popular touristy restaurants, as you are probably going to more than what you should for an average meal.

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Barcelona Hostels

Here is probably where you will be able to save the most as there are a number of hostels in Barcelona that get good reviews. You are not going to stay in a 5-star hotel, but you can rest assured that the bedding and other essentials will be clean. These hostels are also your best source for anything that you want to do in town.


How to get around

Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Europe seeing that it is so compact. Everything is relatively close together and you can walk pretty much everywhere, but if you are pressed for time, then a subway pass is what you are looking for.

They have varying options, depending on how long you are planning to stay, but a 3- or 5-day Barcelona tourist pass is probably the best value for money.

You will get access to unlimited public transportation and even get entry into some of the museums and a host of other benefits. In the end, you might love Barcelona so much that you might consider to study in Spain.



The key to making your Barcelona trip a memorable one is to plan ahead and try and buy all your tickets and passes online. They get many tourists and the lines can get hectic. If you are already strained for time, you don’t want to spend it in a queue. You probably won’t find a ticket to a Barcelona Football game, but you can check out their official site and buy a season ticket from someone.

If you are worried about staying connected, you are in luck as every Metro stop has free Wi-Fi and there are plenty of other hotspots around, so getting your Facebook and Instagram posts should be easy enough. Now all you need to do is plan the trip and go.


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