Keeping romance alive and celebrating what makes your relationship special is something every couple needs to do. And what better way to do that than to travel the world together on a yacht holiday?

If The Titanic has taught us anything, it’s that being out at sea has a way of spurring deep connections.

Looking for the perfect place to spend Valentine’s day? Or somewhere you and your loved one can go to get some uninterrupted, quality time together? Then my list is sure to give you some fantastic options.

Couples that travel together, stay together. Spend time with your love on a relaxing, romantic yacht holiday to one of these heart-melting destinations.

1. Greece

If you’re looking for one of the most desired romantic destinations, then charter a yacht in Greece for your next holiday. Greece is overflowing with picturesque villages, unique culture, pristine beaches and delicious cuisine for those cosy nights out with your favourite person.

Whether you decide to explore the charms of Santorini, Rhodes or Milos, you will have no shortage of ideal places to enjoy an intimate, memorable holiday.

2. France

France has many delightfully romantic destinations, such as the South of France’s Mediterranean coast. It’s the perfect place to go on your first holiday, spend a honeymoon, or renew your vows with your other half. In France, the flames of love, new and old, are ever-burning.

There’s also the chance to add Paris, the ‘City of Love’, onto your itinerary if you stay here for a while. It is by far one of the most romantic destinations in the world and makes for a surreal, romantic destination to propose. It’s something about the Eiffel Tower, the twinkling city lights, moody artwork, dimly lit restaurants, and unique ambience of this city that makes anything feel possible.

3. Spain

Spain is jam-packed with hidden gems and adventures waiting for you and your partner, like Tarifa, Toledo and Barcelona. There are so many exquisite cities, places to dance together, wine routes to see and beaches to enjoy long walks hand-in-hand. And if you want to go on some world-class hikes together, you can take a trip to Andalucia.

A yacht holiday to this must-visit destination is bound to make even the most unromantic of people swoon, making it one of the best places to spend Valentine’s Day.

4. Italy

Italy is a haven for love birds from all around the world, with some of the most inspiring and beautiful destinations to explore together. You can spend a week in Florence, a few days in the Amalfi Coast, or go on day trips to Venice.

No matter how you choose to do it, Italy is sure to rouse up those warm, fuzzy feelings. Taking in the astounding characteristics of Italy together is an incredible bonding experience for all kinds of couples.

5. Croatia

Looking for a perfect destination to have your wedding, so you can finally send out those wedding invitations? Then Croatia might just be it. The lush green spaces, chic buildings, whimsical shorelines, and medieval castles add a wonderful backdrop for your travels.

Journey to Dubrovnik, Hvar Town, Zagreb or even Rovinj to have one of the most romantic getaways. One of the best things about Croatia is that you are sure to have a rejuvenating, intimate and beautiful escape, especially if you choose to go off-the-beaten-track.

6. Turkey

This elegant and picturesque destination is a truly magical place for a romantic yacht escape. This one of a kind country is dotted with remains from the ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, Ottoman and Byzantine empires, meaning you will never run out of marvellous new sites to see.

With places like Kalkan, Kalekoy and Cappadocia all found on Turkey’s coastline, you know you will be in for a divine, romantic and picturesque yacht cruise holiday. This is the kind of destination that shares so much beauty with each person. Both of you will feel it has inspired not only your relationship to grow, but also your own individual selves.

7. Iceland

There are so many enticing reasons to put Iceland on your bucket list, and one of them is because it happens to also be a lovely place for couples to go together. Who doesn’t like snuggling in the cold? Iceland is a wonderland for duos looking for an out-of-the-box and entirely romantic destination.

With enchanting places like the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa and Diamond Beach to enjoy side by side, you will have many moments of pure bliss. Fall head-over-heels with more than just each other, as you’re sure to have a special place in your heart for this unique country once you’ve seen all the wonders it has to offer.

8. Seychelles

Seychelles is a beachside resort destination that has an enthralling mixture of romance combined with sunbathing and cocktail drinking. There is an abundance of tropical beauty you can take in together, as well as places for you both to let loose and have fun.

If you’re looking for a place where you can spice up your marriage, or fan the flames of your new love, then this is a gorgeous destination to visit on a yacht vacation.

9. Bali

Think romantic dinners on the beach, sunsets over the ocean, tropical lagoons and moments spent gazing into each other’s eyes over the candlelight. Bali has all of this, and more.

It’s one of the most scenic and serene places for you and your love to make unforgettable memories together. You can enjoy champagne on the seashore in Jimbaran, snorkel together on an island-hopping adventure or get a romantic couple’s massage in Kuta.

The options are never-ending, making Bali a mesmerizing destination for every couple.

10. Canary Islands

Those on a honeymoon cruise, newly engaged couples and folks who have been together since they were kids will all find the Canary Islands to be a magical destination.

When it comes to travelling with your loved one, you want to make sure that the place you go to is the ideal combination of exciting, romantic and beautiful. The Canary Islands is all of this, all wrapped up in a country with exquisite white-sand beaches, mystical volcanoes, unbounded natural landscapes and lovable villages.

Found in the Spanish archipelago, your days together will be spent in one of the most sumptuous places on earth. Soak in the soothing, laid-back atmosphere and explore the many alluring tropical hidden gems scattered throughout the Canary Islands.

Last Words on the Best Places for A Romantic Yacht Holiday

Glide across the oceans to these heavenly destinations and spend time with your lover seeing and doing things that will bring you closer together. Make memories of a lifetime, renew the spark, and create treasured moments in these romantic, captivating locations.

Your perfect, dreamy yacht holiday is waiting for you!