Moving in together is a big step for any couple. You need to learn how to adapt to each other’s habits, to change your own habits to compromise, and to settle into a routine that works with the both of you. For those couples that do live together, a road trip in an RV is doable, especially if your space back home is a small apartment or even studio.

For those couples who don’t yet live together, or who live in a large home, downsizing to an RV can be very difficult. You don’t have a routine to build as you are on vacation, and the temporary situation you are in means that many people won’t be forced to compromise. This could lead to friction that, if left unchecked, could potentially ruin your relationship.

That is why being prepared and knowing what to expect in advance is so important, and why all new couples need to follow this guide if they are intending to rent an RV for a big road trip adventure.


Know Your Budget

Fighting over money is one of the most common problems couples have. You will want to be realistic with your budget and then overestimate how much this road trip will cost. Don’t overspend just because you know you overestimated, either. Your goal is to have money left over.


Choose the Right RV for You

You want to choose an RV rental that suits your needs. Though a couple could comfortably fit in a Compact RV, your standards of living might be better suited for a Standard RV that is much larger and more spacious. Generally speaking, you will have three options available to you that will suit two people travelling:

  • Compact RV Rental (double bed)
  • Truck Camper Rental (two single beds)
  • Standard RV (double bed)

    Decide on The Length of Your Trip

    A week will feel like a rush, whereas two weeks to a month is far more comfortable and relaxing.


    How to Plan for Emergencies

    To plan for emergencies you will want to:

    1. Have a Spare Gas Tank

    Fill up a gas tank and keep it safely stored in your vehicle, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    2. Know How to Change a Tyre

    Knowing how to change a tyre can really save you in a pinch when on a road trip.

    3. Have Roadside Assistance

    If your insurance does not include roadside assistance, then subscribe to one before you travel.

    4. Know Your Rights Per State

    You have the right to not immediately pull over if you don’t feel safe in doing so or if there is no safe space to pull over immediately. This is particularly important if it is nighttime, the police car pulling you over is an unmarked car, and you are in an unfamiliar area. Instead indicate your intention to pull over, slow down, and drive until you reach the nearest rest stop where it is brightly lit and there are other people around.

    5. Know Where All Rest Stops are Located

    Make note of all the rest stops both on a digital map and on a paper map so you always know where you can pull over and refuel. Rest stops are also perfect if you need to stop for a few hours to rest.


    How to Survive with Your Partner

    Long time couples can even struggle when they are in a small space with their partner and they are not used to it. For new couples, and those that don’t live together, the challenge will become greater. That’s why you will want to follow these steps:


    Set Specific Rules for Driving Beforehand

    Minimize how long each person drives to share the task and stay safe. For example, switch drivers every two – three hours.


    Keep Well Stocked on Food and Drink

    Stay hydrated and well fed to be alert and comfortable. Being dehydrated or hungry will only make everyone cranky and argumentative.


    Don’t Rush Your Trip

    Rushing your trip will end up frustrating someone. Give yourselves time to enjoy the journey along the way to each destination, and don’t try to rush your partner if they find something they enjoy along the way. If someone wants to stop and eat at a restaurant, do it. If they want to go on a short walk to a view point, do it.


    Ensure You are Both Going in With the Same Idea

    Most importantly, ensure you communicate openly about the trip you are going to have. This way both of you will go in with the same goals for your trip.