One of the best things about visiting Europe is that there’s no need to stay in just one country. With borders easily crossed by air, train, bus, road or ferry, you can combine two or more countries on your European adventure, with many closely complementing the other whilst offering a completely different experience at the same time.


Norway and Sweden

If you’re planning an unforgettable Scandinavian experience, then Norway and Sweden are an amazing combination of countries to visit. Whilst visiting both you will find plenty of similarities, but also distinct differences between the two locations and cultures. Norway is home to a beautiful blend of both city and country life, with modern shopping centers and the Opera house to see in the capital of Oslo, whilst further into the country you’ll find stunning landscapes and picturesque Fjords.

Sweden is by far cheaper for those who enjoy shopping, and getting there from Norway is easy – you can find direct flights from major airports, or travel from Oslo to Stockholm by train in a matter of hours. A guided tour allows you to see popular Scandinavian itineraries by travel experts.


Germany and Austria

Exploring Germany is a trip on its own, with a diverse range of destinations to visit in the country. Most tourists get started in Berlin, a modern and vibrant city where there’s no shortage of things to do. Explore the history and heritage of Germany at the Berlin Wall Museum and the DDR museum, or be amazed by the gorgeous and often unusual artwork, much of which promotes peace and unity at the East Side Gallery. Head to Munich, Frankfurt, or Cologne for a different city experience or visit Bavaria in southern Germany where you’ll find truly charming medieval towns and see the stupendous Bavarian Alps.

From Germany, you can easily get to Austria – train info – here – where you can wonder at more natural beauty or visit the capital of Vienna for a truly classical experience – as the birthplace of Mozart, it’s a must-see for classical music fans and the architecture here is unforgettable.


Netherlands and Belgium

Two countries that are closely intertwined, the Netherlands and Belgium are the perfect combination for anybody visiting this part of Europe. Amsterdam is a great start; you’ll find gorgeous canals, interesting historical sites like the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum, and the world-famous Red Light District. Outside of the capital check out Rotterdam Harbor, visit the Gouda Cheese Market or head to Keukenhof to wonder at the most beautiful spring garden in the world.

From here, Belgium can be easily reached by bus, train or a day tour – don’t miss the Grand Place in Brussels or enjoy a full day tour of Bruges from Amsterdam.


Spain and Portugal

If you’re looking to soak up the sun and relax on stunning beaches, Spain and Portugal is a great combination. You’ll find these two countries to be very similar but, look out for the many distinct differences along the way. You can easily cover all the main areas in two weeks or so, including Spanish must-sees like Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia, and Granada, before heading over the border to Portugal and marvelling at the stunning beauty of Lisbon, where you can find travel hubs heading to coastal areas like Albuferia. High-speed trains are available connecting the two countries, or you can fly from most major airports.


Italy and Switzerland

Finally, Italy and Switzerland provide two very distinct experiences, but combining the two is easy. In Switzerland, there are plenty of attractions that you can’t miss such as the famous and stunning Swiss Alps with plenty of skiing opportunities, dramatic views and cable cars at Mount Pilatus, a cruise along Lake Geneva or Lake Zurich, and iconic landmarks like Stein am Rhein and Riffelsee.

From here, head to Italy in just a few hours by train, plane or bus – it’s a good idea to start in Rome, where you can explore major attractions like the Colosseum and Spanish steps before heading to the central travel hub to get to other popular cities like Milan, Florence, Venice and Pisa.

Which of these travel combinations are on your bucket list?