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It’s all too easy to fall into a boring routine once your relationship moves past the ‘tearing each other’s clothes off’ stage (typically around the 18-month mark). There is nothing wrong with routine, but it can get rather stale after a while. Even though you probably love each other to bits, it doesn’t hurt to schedule some couple time once in a while. And this is even more important when you have little people demanding attention 24/7!

In this article, we there are some helpful tips for planning a luxury couples’ getaway. Why luxury, you might ask? Well, there is nothing wrong with a cheap and cheerful vacation to a popular budget resort, but why not push the boat out and create some fabulous memories that will sustain you when the going gets tough?

Going the extra mile by booking Luxury Retreats luxury villa rentals in a top-notch report will earn you a shed-load of brownie points. And let’s face it – you might need them next time you are asked to work late for two weekends on the trot!

Choosing the Perfect Destination

Think carefully about where you want to go. Whilst luxury beach vacations are always popular, not everyone is a beach bunny. You may prefer the relaxing solitude of a log cabin with a view or a lakeside lodge several miles from the nearest neighbor.
Rest assured, however, that whatever your personal preferences, there is a luxury vacation destination with your name on it.

Bali – The sun-kissed beaches of Bali in Indonesia are famous but head inland and you can explore lush mountains and forest sanctuaries. Luxury villas and resort hotels are available at a very reasonable price if you decide to travel to southeast Asia.

Hawaii – Everyone loves Hawaii and the best bit? It’s part of the United States! Plan a fabulous couples’ getaway to Big Island and spend a week or two relaxing on the beach, having some luxury spa treatments, and playing a round or two of golf.

Bora-BoraLive life like the Kardashians and book a luxury stilted bungalow in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. It really doesn’t get much more luxurious than this! Trust us, your partner will be indebted to you forever if you organize a vacation to Bora Bora.

Lake Tahoe – There truly is no need to leave the US if you want a luxury vacation. Lake Tahoe in California is perfect for couples who like an active vacation. In winter, the skiing is amazing, but in summer, you can chill on or around the largest and most beautiful alpine lake in North America.

This is just a small snapshot of potential luxury vacation destinations. Unless you are planning a surprise for your other half, sit down and draw up a shortlist together. That way, everyone is on the same page.

Book the Right Accommodation

This is a luxury vacation, so it’s essential that you book a suitable luxurious accommodation. Think about the type of experience you want. Does the thought of being pampered in a 5* resort hotel in the Turks & Caicos appeal? Or would you rather take advantage of the privacy offered by a luxury vacation villa rental with all the mod-cons your heart desires?

Choose the accommodation that best suits your needs and your budget. But remember, if you want absolute privacy so you can recapture your youth by skinny dipping at midnight, a secluded villa is your best option.

Leave Your Gadgets Behind

There is little point in planning a luxury vacation getaway if the pair of you spend a week staring at a smartphone screen instead of conversing with one another. The whole point of planning a couples’ break is to reconnect. You won’t do that if work emails and social media are your main focus.

By all means, take your smartphone with you but limit your usage to one hour (or less) a day. Use that time to catch up with the kids or your parents and then out your devices back in the safe.

Spend Time Together Doing … Nothing!

Family vacations are often an endless rollercoaster of activities, sight-seeing, keeping the kids entertained, and running around like headless chickens. A luxury couples’ vacation should be the exact opposite. This is a chance to unwind and reconnect with each other. Don’t schedule tons of activities to avoid conversation. Enjoy being with each other, talking, reflecting, and doing absolutely nothing.

Get up when you feel like it, go where the mood takes you, and if you fancy doing nothing but lying beside the pool reading a book, then go for it.

Take Plenty of Money

A luxury couple’s vacation is not the time to be arguing over how expensive everything is. Plan your vacation with your personal budget in mind. Save money where you can but once you disembark your flight, it’s OK to splurge on nice food and drink, trips, and anything else you feel is appropriate. What you must not do under any circumstances is to spend your vacation sniping at your partner when they order another bottle of wine.

Eat and Drink What You Want

Leave the diet at home and loosen up a bit. This is a vacation. It’s OK to eat bread and drink an extra bottle of red wine at dinner. Nobody is judging you and the last thing you should do is judge your partner for having a good time.

Make it a Long Weekend Instead

If your schedules can’t accommodate a luxury couples’ week away, make it a long weekend getaway instead. Dump the kids at your moms and head up to Nantucket for a luxury mini break. Spend a couple of days eating croissants in bed and chatting over lobster and champagne lunches. Or, if you prefer, jet over to Paris and while away a weekend exploring Montmartre and watching the world go by from a pavement café on the Champs Elysees.

Whatever plans you make for a luxury couples’ getaway, make sure you repeat the experience at least once a year!