Chiang Mai. Known for elephant tours and majestic temples in the mountains, but also easy to find alternative activities when you’re feeling something new.

Reflexology, Reiki and Tarot Readings



Thailand, with its prominent Buddhism, is known for meditation. But there are other beliefs held within Thai culture, on things to improve your mental and bodily wellbeing. Reflexology is a focus on the feet as the grounding body part, and taking care of them and regularly using massage techniques to relieve stress can have numerous benefits for the rest of the body, now and in older age.



Chiang Mai is a hub for reflexology, with many Thai massage parlors offering foot massage or reflexology. Reiki also comes into this, which is a practice to cleanse the negative energy from your body to contribute to a healthier mind and clear physical state. One of the popular reiki spots in Chiang Mai is ‘Reiki Chiang Mai’. Tarot readings focus less on the body, and more on your personality, character, and future direction. However, it’s not all long term marriage predictions; Clairvoyant readings (meaning clear vision), for example, can simply help you clear your mind to focus on the present.

Nightmarket in Chiang Mai” (CC BY 2.0) by Christian Haugen


Tarot Readings

When traveling, things can be overwhelming. The intense freedom and opportunity can make travelers confused and not know where to begin. Tarot and clairvoyant readings can help guide you when you are unclear about your direction when traveling, and luckily Chiang Mai is the place to lay the cards on the table, if you pardon the pun. Fortune telling is taken very seriously in Thailand, so find a clairvoyant reader by asking a Thai or looking on Facebook, and your trip will be all the better for it.


Monk Chats

Many monks study English at their university, so they sit around the temples waiting for English speakers to ask them questions so they can get to know these people and practice their language. It benefits them, but it also provides the opportunity to get to know a key cultural group in Thailand. Temples usually don’t come with leaflets or big signs explaining things, so if you’re curious about the lifestyle of monks, an opportunity to chat to one and learn is a brilliant idea.

Studious” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by pam’s pics-


Muay Thai

A classic tourist activity in Chiang Mai is to go and watch a Muay Thai fight. But what about being part of the action instead? Skykick Gym and Chiangmai Muay Thai gym host daily classes which cost around 400 baht for 2 hours of beginners introduction to the sport. Muay Thai is fighting but one class won’t throw you straight into the combat zone. Instead, it’s like a good workout, while additionally learning about the sport and why it is so important to Thai culture today.

Often it’s nice to get away from the beaten track and take opportunities to learn what is important to the people who live in the city you’re visiting. With all of these activities, you’ll be interacting with, and learning about Thai people, which certainly for us, is why we visit places with a unique culture.