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When you are 20 or so, you don’t want to stay all the summer at home and spend boring days at parents’ house. Nowadays you don’t need to obtain thousands of dollars to travel and gain new experience. There are so many opportunities to get a cheap flight or overnight stay that it would be a shame to take no notice of them.

If you have a mind to travel, you can do it for cheap which doesn’t mean second-rate holidays. It is generally admitted that an average student has a too tight budget to travel abroad and visit world-famous places. But keep cynical about that stereotype. A person can travel to Europe, Asia or other regions as a college student and experience unbelievable emotions.

So, put aside your homework, here is our list where to travel as a college student. Also, we’ve collected some tips to save money for travel as a student.

How To Travel As a College Student

Are you short of money? It’s not a big deal. Most students are in the same boat. Anyway, they find different ways to cope with it and save money for travel. How do they take on that?

First, think of buying tickets well in advance. Start to plan your summer travel in winter and buy tickets at least 5-6 months before the day of departure. It’ll let you save a substantial amount of money. Besides, you’ll split expenses into several parts.

Girls cannot but travel without luggage. Being a student you need to keep in mind your budget and sacrifice a fair amount of own things. If you travel with a single bag, it gets much cheaper. So, you can meet a student’s budget.

Join some communities on social media which find the best prices for each direction. If you are not planning a voyage across sea or ocean you may also consider other options. In some scenarios you may travel by bus, train or even hitch a ride (e.g., Bla Bla Car).

Accommodation prices make a figure in student’s budget as well. You may book affordable rooms on Airbnb or even check options on CouchSurfing to stay for free.

Best Places To Travel On a College Budget

It has been argued that planning an overseas vacation is pricier. With a glance to the tips we’ve mentioned above, you may decimate your expenses. Also, keep in the hopper renting price which can be much lower in some Asian and European countries.

Palawan (The Philippines)

The Philippines ranks high among travel destinations for any social class, including students. The majority of tourists choose Boracay Island while other islands remain more virgin and restful. Palawan possesses colorific landscapes with a spectacular aquatic life which is icing on the cake.

Palawan is one of the best places to relax spending days admiring nature, swimming, exploring marine life, basking in the sun, and tasting sound fruit. It is a perfect place to take a break from students’ life with noisy parties and constant lack of sleep. You are to spend evenings relaxing under the starry sky. Dreaming of a glass of wine or just one beer? The cost of drinks is not hefty.

Porto (Portugal)

If you believe that exploring Europe is out of students` range, start with Porto. It is a picturesque city on the northwest coast of Portugal. Porto is one of the biggest cities in the country. It provides budget-friendly eating, rooms, and gaieties.

Porto is a historical city with an ancient center which is Unesco World Heritage. Travel to Porto is going to introduce you Middle-Age churches, cathedrals and other historic buildings.

Are you Harry Potter fan? If the answer is “Yes”, a bookstore Livraria Lello & Irmao is the place you must visit. Film scenes in the library were shot there. It also makes the list of top 3 the best-looking bookstores in the world.

The Transylvanian Alps (Romania)

Romania is a country you can afford to travel as a student. It comprises both the advantages of Western and Eastern Europe. So, it provides conveniences like in Western-European countries as well as Eastern-European prices affordable even for students.

You can rent a car and explore The Southern Carpathians (known as the Transylvanian Alps). The best time to plan your travel is winter since mountains and founding environment look magical.

Driving along the mountain road you may find cheap but cozy hotels to stay and medieval castles. Don’t miss a chance to visit gloomy Bran Castle. It is the very castle that inspired Bram Stocker to write world-famous novel Dracula.

Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

Being a student you have to pick the directions of your travel keeping in mind the budget. Thailand is an adequate place for a student’s pocket. The ticket price takes the lion’s share of expenses. Food, drinks, accommodation, tours and other amusements are friendly for a student’s budget.

Of course, Phuket and Bangkok are travel centers, thus the services are twice as expensive as in other cities in the country. So, draw your focus to places like Ko Phi Phi. Travel to its islands to enjoy amazing blue water and sandy beaches. The landscape is a mixture of mountainous terrain, fleshy fruit and living flora colors.

Tamarindo (Costa Rica)

Tamarindo Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its miraculous flora, fauna and low cost of living area. For that reason, it is very tempting for students with a tight budget. There are several locations, but Tamarindo is definitely worth visiting. You’d love its white sandy beaches, a wilderness area with leatherback sea turtles and howler monkeys.

You will hardly find a better period to travel and explore the world other than student times. Low budget is not an issue. You can travel as a student to different places across the world with minimum expenses. So, don’t hesitate and set about planning the travel.