You want to feel the soil of Mount Kilimanjaro between your toes, trek through lush rainforest and see wild animals that you’d previously only dreamed of, and eat tropical foods and hope they won’t seclude you in a bathroom for hours afterwards.

These are the dreams what holidays are made of – and with the right planning, they can become a reality.

It’ll cost you a bundle, take up a lot of time, and mean leaving your family life behind. But it’ll be worth it to create a unique set of memories, an amazing sequence of events that no one’s ever experienced.

But here’s the kicker – when does a holiday start? Is it when your plane touches down in a foreign land? Is it when you leave your front door and set off for the airport? Or is it when you’re cuddled up in your hotel room, admiring the alien view outside your window?

For many, it’s that moment when you reach the airport. The reasoning? Because this is the first time on your journey that you’ll be able to indulge in luxurious experiences.

To show you, here’s a list of opulence you can enjoy at the airport. Take a look and get ready to enjoy the start of your trip.


Much like Miss Penelope in Thunderbirds, we’d all love to be chauffeured to our destination. While that might be out of most people’s price range, there is an ideal alternative – have your car picked up at the airport terminal by a private valet.

Many companies can offer this service, but a crowd favorite is for its easy-to-use site and positive customer feedback.


Very little beats a massage if you’re feeling tense before a flight, and airports abound with massage parlors that will loosen your muscles and won’t cost you more than $50.

These services are rarely busy and welcome walk-ins, so don’t feel as though you have to book ahead.

VIP departure lounges

You’ll find very little joy in a standard departure lounge. Their clinical approach to interior design is about as opulent as the u-bend of a toilet and their seats would most likely give you a hernia if you sat on them for long enough.

Not so with VIP departure lounges. These are rooms of plenty, whether you want gratis food and drink, a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection or a complimentary newspaper.

These relaxing havens aren’t prohibitively expensive either, although prices will vary depending on the airport of your choice.

Are you a frequent flyer looking to impart their worldly wisdom? Or maybe you’re a first-timer looking for some friendly advice? Either way, let’s hear your views! Comment below and share what you think!