They say cold hands warm hearts… well when it comes to your romantic getaway, the colder the location, the more intense the romance will be. Step outside the box of traditional sun and sand locations, and broaden your imagination to a winter wonderland. You’ll soon see that trading in your Bahama Mama for hot chocolate isn’t such a bad trade-off after all.

When it’s cold outside, what do most people want to do? Most people want to stay indoors right? Well, how lovely would it be to stay cooped up with your loved one in a luxurious snowy oasis. It can all be part of your plan. Tell your significant other that you have a vacation planned for the two of you. Just tell them to pack something warm because it might be a little cold. This will allow them to pack proper clothing, without giving away the surprise location just yet.

Once you get to the airport, the surprise will, of course, be out of the bag, but what a surprise it would be! People have grown so accustomed to vacation destinations being warm and sunny, that you don’t really take the time out to discover the beauty and romance in colder destinations. Well, for those who do know how romantic the colder destinations can be, here are some locations that you don’t want to leave off your list. Check out these winter wonderlands that will surely turn up the heat during your romantic getaway.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Photo by Greenland Travel via Flickr

Swoon your loved one at The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort this winter. This snowy bungalow is located in Finnish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. This chilly destination accommodates you with igloos, a Honeymoon Turf Chamber, and Lappish farmer log houses, equipped with private bathrooms, as well as saunas.

If you want to truly experience nature and all it has to offer, then you may want to try the snow igloos in Igloo Village. Just so you know, it is very cold there. The temperatures inside the igloos range anywhere between -3 degrees Celsius and -6 degrees Celsius, so you’ll definitely want to pack warm! But the resort does give guests staying there wool socks, head coverings, and warm sleeping bags.

Now, nobody knows your beloved better than you, and if you know that the snow igloos won’t work for them, then you can always treat them to the glass igloos. These are more popular because you’re still out in the beauty of nature, but you have elements of home inside the igloo, plus it’s warm inside!

The glass igloos are popular for a reason. The entire ceiling/roof of these igloos are glass, which allows you and your honey to see the stars in the night skies and the Northern Lights. If that isn’t a romantic sight, then nothing is! Your igloo also has a luxury bed, so just imagine laying in your luxury bed, next to the love of your life, under the Northern Lights… your romance meter just went through the roof.

Now, when you and your significant other decide to come up for air, this resort definitely has plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Some popular activities are the many safaris. You have husky, reindeer, and snowmobile safaris that will take you through the wilderness on an adventure unlike any other.

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has earned it’s right to be listed as one of the top winter vacation spots to warm hearts. So when planning your next vacation, think outside the box, and consider this arctic resort as a romantic option.


The Alpina Gstaad

If you and your loved one are into the alps, then the Swiss Alps is where you want to go. The Swiss Alps is one of the most scenic and beautiful destinations you can experience and the Alpina Gstaad is there to give you all the views you can take in.

As a couple, you two can go and enjoy the luxuries of the spa by indulging in sensual massages and facials. If you’re one who enjoys skiing, you can hit the slopes with the hotel’s Ski Safari. Take deep breaths of the frosty air while experiencing mother nature’s greatest gifts.

This hotel is definitely for the couples who enjoy indulging in everything “fancy schmancy.” From the luxurious beds, relaxing spa treatments, and Alpine chicness… you will be in winter’s paradise and never want to return home.


The Garden Gables Inn

The cozy bed and breakfast will be a shoo-in to add romance to your much-needed trip. This retreat has all the elements of home, but it’s set in a wintery secluded area.

This location offers massages that will put you in an absolute state of comfort, as well as romantic candlelit dinners, prepared by professionally trained chefs, so even though it has a home-like feel, it doesn’t come with the home-like responsibilities, and a vacation that makes you feel at home when you’re not at home, is a definite win!

With The Garden Gables Inn being known for the personalized service they provide their guests, they are top rated on Trip Advisor, so that should give you some reassurance. Your romantic getaway just depends on what you’re looking for. If you and your significant other are more into extravagant trips, then the other destinations listed are more for you, but if you love a country, cozy feel, with the amenities of luxury, then The Garden Gables is the destination for you.


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