Thailand provides both outdoors and indoors activities, ranging from traveling up to the top of the hills to down beneath the oceans. As a result of this, it is not easy to narrow destination choices and the activities to carry out in Thailand into five best choices. However if you really need to choose, Thailand guide can help choose the following five not to miss activities instead.

Underwater World Amazing Experience

One of the most famous activities is the underwater world experience which is located eastern and southern part of Thailand. The largest part of the reef is still under the protection of the Thailand government so as to limit the effects of human activities. Additionally, due to tourist accessibility, the underwater world is the famous destination for tourists, particularly the scuba divers and snorkeling.

Enjoying Full Moon Beach Party

In Thailand, you also enjoy the famous beach party known as Koh Phangan or full moon beach party.

Koh Phangan is the popular destination for the full moon party. In can accommodate about 10,000 to 30,000 beach party lovers who would wish to come and enjoy all night through. Besides the night moments, Thailand comprises a beautiful nature clear blue sky, white sand, Blues Sea and coconut trees for travelers to enjoy their holidays. This is a perfect place the peace from nature and enjoyments of a big live celebration join together.

A Traditional Thailand Massage

Traditional Thailand massage is the only thing Thailand guide cannot miss to mention since it is an art that has a long history. Massage is an exceptional activity that involves stretching and a deep massage that visitors should give a try once they visit Thailand so as to experience a peaceful relaxation on their trips.

Quality Product At Affordable Shopping Price

One of the best and famous shopping destination in Asia is Thailand due to its market bargains. The purchased product include Thai cotton, silks, gold, silver, batiks, leather products, precious stones, beautiful pottery, pearls, sapphires, wood artifacts, designer items, bronzes wares and much more.

Delicious Thai grills with cooking classes

One of the healthiest and famous dishes worldwide is Thai food. Most favorite dishes for individuals all over the world like Thailand’s fried noodles or Pad Thai and spicy soup including shrimp commonly known as Tom-Yum-Gung, coconut soup and much more. Currently, cooking classes are available for visitors around Thailand in institutes and hotels. Therefore, there is a possibility for a visitor how to prepare the fines cuisine.


The above-mentioned activities are the best Thailand guide would offer their tourists to try and enhance their experience like never before. Besides the above five activities, there are still much and more to experience in Thailand. There are still lots to do, for instance, touring a great country’s natural diversity for adventure holidays. Nightlife experience in Pattaya for more fun like elephant rise into a thick jungle for once in life traveling.