There are many contingencies that can put a strain on the success of a trip: the loss of baggage, flight cancellation or sudden medical expenses to be addressed.

Guess what? Flights get canceled and, thanks to the travel insurance you can get your money back!

There are different formulas and solutions depending on the needs of travelers. If you need travel insurance make sure to rely on some agency providing the best services, the highest coverage and, most of all, the chance to customize the insurance protecting everything matters for your trip.

Choose the insurance formula that best suits your needs. For example, there are solutions for backpackers, for families, for groups, for students, for those who travel often or for those who carry sports equipment.

Insurance premiums are calculated based on the origin, age, destination and duration of the trip.


But … What to insure?

The main thing to know before taking out travel insurance is why we need it. Knowing your needs is essential. Once clearly this element will be enough to choose the policy that is more to our case among those for a study trip, for work or for pleasure. All holidays need to be secured because every holiday has its importance for us and for our life experiences.

Health Insurance – Health insurance is very important and allows you to protect yourself in the event that you get sick or an accident during your stay.

Insurance coverage may cover both medical and health care, medicines, surgery and hospital admissions, as well as early repatriation or transportation of a family member. These policies are very important especially when you are leaving for places where the health service is not optimal, or where the treatments are particularly expensive.

Luggage insurance – Another great classic nightmare is a lost or stolen baggage. The policies on the baggage offer protection for the loss or damage of the baggage, also in case of theft, loss or damage, a refund is also provided for basic purchases in case of delay in the delivery of the baggage.

Cancellation of travel – Sometimes it may happen that you have to give up an already organized trip. Among the most frequent causes are sudden injuries, health problems, work issues or strikes. You can take out insurance in order to be reimbursed for the cost of the trip already anticipated (or part of it).


Which coverage

The element that makes the difference in an insurance is the coverage, the damage it covers. If it is the world of travel, the most important is certainly the health coverage that provides 24-hour assistance, direct payment of medical expenses, with other additional coverage such as the loss of luggage, the smartphone, and others. But, of course, it really depends on your needs and on the type of travel you will experience. Leave nothing to chance so you will be sure to live the best travel experience with no stress at all!