Meditation brings out the eternal fragrance of the human soul. So why not practice this wonderfully enriching mental exercise in some of the most beautiful locations around the world that would truly inspire an individual to relax and get in touch with one’s inner self? Here are five of the most amazing destinations for a spiritual retreat, places which will certainly bless the traveller with a whole new outlook on life.


Tipon Ruins in Peru



The enigmatic and transformative lands of Peru are blessed with incredible ruins around almost every corner. If you enjoy hiking, then this is the perfect place for you. Right from the breezy Andes to the hot and humid Amazon Rainforest – there is something for everyone here.

The Amazon Rainforest is essentially an oasis snuggled amongst opulent banana plants and vast stretches of towering palm trees. The sound of wild ducks waddling and lovebirds singing as the macaws flaunt their multicoloured feathers certainly makes meditation much more pleasant. For some travellers, just being at one with nature in the rainforest is enough to allow for profound reflection, however healing centres such as Gaia Tree allow you to experience deep healing during the retreat.



Many tourists have felt a sense of ‘amazement’ while visiting Cambodia. Be it the ancient Angkor temples or the years of spiritual energy that the monks have built up in the place – all visitors testify to the presence of an unusual energy in the place. Tourists can also reconnect with Nature and experience the mental joy of forest bathing and meditating in the forests of Cambodia. Visitors can also engross themselves in sessions of sunset meditation in temple hills which overlook the beautiful Tonle Sap Lake.


Andalucia, Spain

You can fly very easily to Spain’s Malaga airport, and from there you can take a taxi, drive yourself or take public transport to remote and beautiful locations which you might never have heard of before. Retreats in Andalucia have a certain history and innate beauty about them. Travellers are prone to be inspired with profound questions about love and life, feeling safe meditating in the Alpujarras Mountains. Travellers visit Andalusia to transform and better themselves and there’s no better feeling than letting the beautiful scenery immerse one’s mind to a deeper state.


The Maldives

Reputed for being one of the most calm and quiet tourist spots in the world, the Maldives specializes in building meditation and yoga retreats – a service for which people from all around the world visit the islands. The intrinsically serene islands certainly complement the impact of mentally peaceful activities.


The River Ganges, India

Meditation is of cultural importance to India and there’s no better place to meditate than the serene banks of Ganges in Rishikesh, India. Up on the great slopes of Himalayas, overseeing the valley and the River Ganges has sent shivers down the spines of many tourists who come to search the truth in India. Every visitor of the Ganges gets to explore the correct nature of meditation – being unaware yet present amongst the chaotic world all at the same time. The Ganges teaches people to treat life like a river – constantly flowing yet ever still.

Travellers who visit these places come back not only as a refined person but also with a slice of these places rooted in their soul.