If you’re looking to lavish in luxury during your next holiday, there are few better places to do so than casinos. We enjoy spending time in these often, over the top, and glamorous destinations. If you’re tight on time and can’t make the journey, or you just want to save your flight money for more table time, you can try Live Casino and Best Casino Sites from anywhere. We spent some time in Las Vegas during our road trip honeymoon and for our 2-year anniversary, we spent a few days in Macau after touring Hong Kong.

Here are a few reasons why we loved visiting both as well as another option for a fun casino vacation.


Las Vegas

Las Cegas

The name is basically synonymous with ritzy casinos and glitz and glam. Just walking down the strip gives you the sense of the excitement awaiting inside any of the enormous casino buildings. We’ve been fortunate enough to explore Vegas on multiple occasions and each time there is something new to offer, whether it’s a show, casino exhibit or restaurant.

The Venetian – The largest Vegas casino in terms of square footage is based on the city for which it takes its name. It even has it’s own Grand Canal with fully functional gondolas which you can ride in!

Bellagio – One of our personal favorites, made even more famous by the Ocean’s movie series. Don’t miss the spectacular water and light display that occurs nightly, one of the only shows in Vegas that is absolutely free.



We consider Macau to basically be the Vegas of the East. American’s might be surprised to note that in 2016 Macau surpassed Las Vegas’ gaming revenue by almost 3x!

City of Dreams Macau – considered one of the most exclusive casinos in Macau, if you’re looking for a classy place to enjoy food, shows and some gambling, you may find it hard to leave.

Grand Lisboa Macau – Possibly the most uniquely designed and certainly the easiest to pick out, The Grand Lisboa offers a classic Macau gambling experience.



Panorama - Monaco from Tete de Chien

For all things luxury in Europe, there’s no better place than Monaco. Though the city-state may be small, it offers casino experiences rivaling that of the two former destinations. Time your visit with the legendary Monaco Grand Prix for a special car-lover’s treat.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – The lavish casino has been used in two of the Bond films and has a long history of serving Europe’s thrill seekers. The Salle Blanche & Terrasse is an opulent room with sweeping panoramic views of the Mediterranean.