Costa Rica is an incredibly diverse and beautiful country where the forests are looming, the sun is hot, and the beaches are awe-inspiring. To be honest, rather than diving into the reasons why teaching English as a second language is worthy of a goals hashtag, one could just create a gallery of photos without captions.

However, since people usually have a few questions before packing up and moving to another part of the world– and since the pictures do the country little justice. If you’ve ever dreamed of Teaching English Overseas, here are some of the reasons why you should consider adding Costa Rica to your bucket list.


Costa Rica is Multilingual

Costa Rica’s predominant spoken language is Spanish, with English following at a close second. However, there are many more languages spoken across the cultural landscape. In fact, Costa Rica is known for having the skills to learn multiple languages with relative ease and dominates command of the English language compared to other Latin American countries.

So, if the fear of not speaking the language is holding you back, don’t fret. You will easily be able to navigate the culture and may learn a few new languages yourself.


Costa Rica is Safe

When someone from northern regions hears stories about Central America and South America, the tales are often scary and violent. Unfortunately, Costa Rica sometimes gets grouped in with these countries due to the geographic proximity. There is a lot of discussion about the dangers of San Jose, but like any city, it has both safe areas and rougher areas that travelers should avoid.

While many places are politically tumultuous or facing civil unrest, Costa Rica is not. If you take proper safety precautions, such as taking a cab home from an evening on the town rather than walking or keeping a close eye on your belongings, you should be totally fine. These are the same precautions you should take in any city.


The Surroundings

If you live in the northern USA or Canada, then you are no stranger to dark, miserable winter mornings. There are spans of time when you get to work while it is dark and go home when it is dark. In Costa Rica, that’s never an issue. The average temperature throughout the year is 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). This is perfect for enjoying the scenic beaches, incredible rainforests, and stunning vistas the country has to offer.

The people in Costa Rica are happy and healthy. The majority of their diets are comprised of fresh produce, and the general attitude is one of calm and relaxation, a direct contrast to the North American lifestyle. Perhaps this combination of low-stress levels and healthy meals contribute to the long lifespan of the Costa Rican people.


Socially Progressive

Costa Rica is ahead of the curve in so many ways. They have free healthcare, so don’t worry about getting sick while abroad. They boast a literacy rate of a stunning 98% and the same amount of renewable energy sources throughout the country. In a nutshell, Costa Rica takes care of its land and people to the best of their ability, providing a safe, happy, and healthy country in which to live.


¡Pura Vida!

Pura Vida is a Costa Rican catchphrase that means “simple life” and perfectly captures the beauty of life in the country. This term is used to say hello and goodbye and isn’t just a greeting, but a way of life.

It’s no wonder that Costa Rica was named one of the happiest places in the world. If that fact alone isn’t enough to encourage you to pack your bags, feel free to look at more pictures. We’ll wait.