Hiking Royal Arch Trail Boulder

You did it. You left the job, booked the ticket and you’re off. You’ve spent years dreaming about this adventure from behind your desk and at last, it’s now a reality. Whether you’ve decided to buy a trip around the world, drive, or walk as far as you can, this is it. However, the only niggling concern is money. At some point you will probably need an income. Even if you’re keeping things cheap money might run out as unexpected things occur and you don’t want to cut corners during your time away.

In a few months, a little bit of cash will help the shrinking wallet. Mojitos by the beach and scuba diving your way around dreamy islands adds up. So how do sun-kissed travellers earn while they travel? How do they sustain a new life without any of the traditional working structures? Here are a few tips on how to make bucks and see the world at the same time.

Seasonal work

Fancy working outdoors, olive picking in the south of Italy, pruning grape trees in Spain or working at a ski resort? You can choose to travel to places that offer work to backpackers and travellers. It’s a savvy trick to earn and trek. Not the best paying jobs but it could keep a little coming in for living expenses and is not a bad way to meet new people in the same boat! If you’re reliable, happy to muck in with general jobs and not afraid to make mistakes while learning a new skill then this is the way to do it.

Teach English

This is the age-old option and a classic for a reason. It works. English is still the third most spoken language in the world and many want to speak it or improve upon it. There are many routes to make money from this. You could get a qualification and teach for an institution, across a whole continent like Asia, or you could just try and get by on what you already know. Set up conversational groups in the countries you visit or offer one-on-one private tutor sessions. Get in contact and partner with popular bars, universities, and small community groups. It will help you practise your teaching skills and learn about the local people.

Remote work or online trading

Working online gives you the freedom of being anywhere in the world and still get a regular paycheck. No need to be tied to your desk, working to a rigid schedule, when you can choose to explore all day and work late into the night. Or begin work at sunrise and abandon your laptop for a trek at noon. The benefits of remote working is one of the many reasons that thousands leave perfectly secure jobs.

With the development of new trading apps and web-based platforms, online trading has grown in popularity over the years. You can now trades shares or contracts for difference (CFDs) – a form of financial derivative trading – from wherever you are. All you need is a phone or laptop and a secure net connection. Time management tools like Asana and Top Tracker have made working from far flung islands easier and easier.

It can also lead to the opportunity to start a blog for the first time. But be warned, blogging can take up to a year before it generates any cash. Begin with a niche and search the world for more to share with a devoted audience. Some have made a living becoming experts and imparting travel advice on food, sports or adventuring activities.