New York City is famous for hustle and ambition rather than romance, but something magical happens whenever you step into the glittering lights of the city that doesn’t sleep. If you and your partner are looking for romantic things to do in NYC, the array of options is wide – there are new restaurants you should try out, many parks for picnicking and cobblestone alleys where you can wander in you daydream together. Whether it’s a longtime love or a new fling, the Big Apple is your perfect romantic escape.

The list of things to do in NYC as a couple is endless! While it is known for being pricey, this city has plenty to offer without having to open your wallets. Here are five of the best date-worthy, and no-cost, experiences.


Learn New Skills

Bryant Park is the hub for many free romantic outdoor experiences, like petanque games, outdoor movies, yoga classes, juggling lessons and birding tours. The lush landscape of the park makes it the perfect romantic setting to lay out your blanket and cuddle in the sun. Next to the park is the New York Public Library, which hosts free and phenomenal classes, like creative writing and languages.

When hunger strikes, you can take a service like the hop-on, hop-off tour and drop off at 34th Street Hudson Yards, where Ovest Pizzoteca hosts a deliciously free happy hour on weekdays from 5 to 8pm – the Aperitivo Italiano. Drinks served are accompanied by complimentary bites like bruschetta, fried calamari and pizza.


Laugh Together

You probably know that a couple that laughs together, stays that way. Fortunately, NYC is home to several free comedy venues. Head on over to Postmark Café in Brooklyn for the Living Room Show hosted at 8 on Fridays or the Knitting Factory on Wednesdays for The Front Room. Alternatively, go over to Manhattan’s The Irish Exit for Hot Soup.


Take to the Water

Take the free-to-ride Staten Island Ferry for a 30-minute sail from Lower Manhattan. This is a romantic experience where you view the Manhattan skyline, enjoy the New York breeze, and clink your glasses (beer is available on board) as you gaze upon Lady Liberty. For the best views, make sure you position yourselves on the upper deck towards the center and back of the vessel.

When you get to Staten Island, you can explore it further or make a round trip of your short travel. If you feel sporty, why not take up kayaking offered by Downtown Boathouse in Manhattan? A 20-minute paddle offers you the chance to reconnect with nature, as well as to experience the city from a perspective you have not had before.


Dance Classes, Anyone?

Latin dance classes are famous for spicing things up for couples; plus, they are a huge amount of fun! While in NYC, make some time to learn a few moves to impress your partner. Make a stopover at the Iguana, located in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesdays and Thursdays for bachata and salsa. Manhattan’s Flatiron district is also home to Brooklyn’s Triangulo and Dance Fever Studios where they offer complimentary classes.


The Times Square Dazzle

While most locals try to avoid Times Square as much as possible, it’s still another free thing that you have to see together as a couple. All the bright neon lights and soaring skyscrapers make for a dazzling site that will amaze you – and they make a great background for photos you will love showing off for many years to come. While you will not spend too much time here, the energy is definitely intoxicating!

So grab your significant other, leave your wallet at home and have yourself a grand ole time!