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More often than not, the effects of technology – our mobiles and tablets – are seen as a prominent reason for our disconnection from loved ones. The haunting story of being addicted to tech and losing parts of ourselves to people online we’ve never met, is one that has been part of many films. Although it can be said that there’s some truth in how easily we switch on to technology but switch off to others, there’s actually many benefits to staying connected via our devices.

As a couple, you often feel like you need to put the devices away in order to demonstrate how into one another you are, and how much you appreciate each other’s company. While it’s good to take those moments when you can, to look around and see the world right in front of us, there’s ways to grow as a couple through the use of technology. A great example of this is gaming, and no, we’re not referring to first person shooters or anything like that, we’re talking about simple, casual gaming.

When you play together, regardless of whether it’s a Tetris style mobile game or an activity from Platinum Play Casino, you’re in a space where you can utilise each others skills. Not forgetting you can also create a mini competition of sorts to create a playful way of introducing some freshness into your relationship. We all remember play fighting as kids, or challenging friends to board games, so why is doing this on our smartphones any different? The truth is that it’s not in the slightest.

Sometimes when such activities are suggested, the cries of ‘we’re not into that’ or ‘we don’t gamble’ tend to be deafening, and yet you don’t need to be all about making money in order to enjoy a game on the slots. In fact, you’ll find that a lot of the time there’s freeplay options, therefore allowing you to enter into a friendly tournament but without flashing any cash. Furthermore, there’s also the accessibility of this type of socialising that you can involve your friends; imagine couples night with two teams, both of you aiming for the highest scores.

There’s also a strong case for the fact that gaming can bring couples back together, as it causes you to spend quality time together you may not have been doing before. Our lives can get so busy that it’s all too easy for us to spend less and less time bonding, which often leads to breakdowns in our relationships. Granted it’s normally a slow process, but if you can tackle these sort of issues head on, you’ll likely be able to avoid ending up with a damaged relationship beyond repair.

So remember, the next time you’re about to turn off your phones, pause for a moment and think about what it could help you to do, not what it might damage. You might just surprise yourselves, and finally discover who has the better luck out of the two of you…!