Anyone who travels a lot knows that delays are a part of the experience that simply can’t be avoided. Whether you are waiting for your connecting flight, sitting around in a train station or stuck in traffic, sometimes you will find yourself having to dig deep to find your reserves of patience.
Yet, there are also some handy tips you can follow in order to stop travel delays from putting you into a bad mood.

Tijuana Border Crossing Traffic
Tijuana Border Crossing Traffic” (CC BY 2.0) by jay galvin


Sort Out Your Travel Photos

If you have been on the road for a while then there is a good chance that you have a number of fantastic photos to sort through and organise. Many people wait until they get home to do this but by this time you may have forgotten some of the details or may not have the time to organise them properly.
Therefore, an annoying travel delay can turn into a godsend when it lets you sort out your photos into folders and pass them onto social media or into cloud storage using the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive. This means that by the time you reach your next destination you will have all of your photos neatly stored in the right places.


Play Some Games

Any sort of delay can turn into something far more pleasurable if you have a laptop or mobile device and an internet connection. Fortunately, you will often have access to free Wi-Fi in airports, bus stations and other places where you might find that your trip grinds to a halt.
There are plenty of online games you can play, including casino games at sites such as Casumo, where you get a top notch user experience as well as a lot of games to choose from. In addition, this gaming site lets you live out what it calls a casino adventure, as the character you choose evolves the more you play.


Learn a Language

When you are travelling from one country to another it can be tough to dedicate the time needed to learning each new language that you will be using. This can be especially difficult somewhere like Europe, where you could be in a new country with a different language in a matter of hours.

Therefore, it makes sense to grab this opportunity to find out at least a few words and phrases for your next destination. With an internet connection or a phrase book from Lonely Planet or Rick Steves, it shouldn’t take you long to pick up some words that could come in really handy later on.

Sleeping at HKG
Sleeping at HKG” (CC BY 2.0) by Rolling Okie


Watch the World Go By

Finally, what you really want to do is avoid getting stressed out and feeling that you are wasting valuable time while you are stuck there. One way to make sure that the delay feels more interesting is to just watch the world go by.

It is great fun to watch the locals go about their lives, especially if you are in an exotic country with completely different customs. Even if you are inside a boring, soulless airport it might be that stepping outside lets you see something more interesting, although you should be careful not to offend anyone by staring or taking unauthorised photos of them.