The Christmas spirit isn’t something you can buy, and you can’t get it from anybody else. It’s that warm and glowing feeling in your heart, the awe over soft falling snow, and the smile that creeps ear to ear as you stand beneath a dazzling display of lights. What you can buy, however, are meaningful gifts to shower the ones you love with appreciation. If you have a special guy in your life, you probably already know how difficult he can be to shop for. Men tend to reply with a simple shoulder shrug when asked what they want, leaving you to your telepathic powers in a guess to figure it out. There are probably many important guys in your life: fathers, brothers, best friends, and maybe even a boyfriend. Here you’ll find a universal list that any of your go-to guys would love to receive. Take the guesswork out of shopping and bring this list with you the next time you venture into picking out the perfect present.


Statement Style

Ever wish that guy you stepped out with paid just a little more attention to his ensemble? There’s good news and bad news: it’s unlikely that you can replace his entire wardrobe – as if he would even let you – but you can pick out a statement accessory piece to ramp up his style. If you’re balling on a big budget, consider giving him a sleek designer watch. Watches are accessories that can be worn at any time (day or night, work or home), which makes this splurge worth its investment. Other great ways to subtly nudge your man’s sense of style is by giving him a trendy pair of Ray-Bans or an elegant set of cufflinks.


Total Techy

It’s hard to keep up with all the gizmos and gadgets on the market these days. Don’t worry – that just means he probably doesn’t already have what you decide to pick out. There’s a simple way to negate this risk: focus on what he needs. Let’s face it, he probably wants it all, but if you focus on what he needs, it’s sure to last the entire year, not getting tossed or traded when the newer version is released. Could he benefit from a cable organizer, a wireless mouse, or a Bluetooth tracker for his keys? There’s certainly some tech item he stands to benefit from.


Adventure Seeker

Giving the gift of experience is great because you get to share it with him! [Pro Tip: keep this tidbit in mind when planning your next adventure] Consider getting him a backpack or travel bag containing a map with your circled location to hint at what you have planned. Or, if you want to relinquish some control and let him take the wheel, simply give him a Groupon gift certificate and let him choose the next thrill.


Booze, Booze, Booze

When all else fails, alcohol is always the answer. Is he crazy about craft beer? Put a bow on his favorite six-pack and let him know you booked a tasting tour at his most-loved brewery. When shopping for boozy presents, don’t just grab a bottle of liquor off the store shelf and call it a day. Put a little more thought into it, and consider engraving bourbon gifts for him.


Good Grub

We’ve all heard the surest way to a guy’s heart: through his stomach. Complementing any alcoholic present with a food gift is a wise idea – you’ll thank yourself later. Show me one guy who doesn’t have a penchant for some savory fare (I’ll wait…). No but really, the options you have for foodies are pretty much endless. If you know his favorite snack, stuff it in his stocking. You can also place some beautifully wrapped culinary tools under the tree; a fresh set of barbeque utensils or a refined set of stainless steel cutlery are good places to start. If he’s a lazy chef, give him a subscription to a meal prep service, or have his favorite meats delivered on a weekly basis.

Don’t let the stress of holiday shopping rob your Christmas spirit. Remember it’s the thought that counts, so if you keep it personal with one of these suggestions, you’ll never disappoint.