One of the great pleasures of traveling as an adult is that you can visit places that are otherwise restricted to youths. The biggest type of holiday that springs to mind would be to visit a casino resort and although this type of vacation won’t be for everyone, there are some glamorous places to visit all over the world where you can have fun gambling. We’ve decided to list our top 5 resorts for those would be looking to place a bet or play some blackjack when they are on vacation.

Las Vegas

As you might have guessed, Las Vegas is top of our list and this is the very centre of the universe for those who like to play casino games. Playing at home on PayPal casinos such as is all well and good but you cannot beat the real thing! If PayPal casinos are not doing it for you anymore then why not take a trip to the most famous of casino resorts. Las Vegas never sleeps and you gamble, dine out like a king and even get married if your heart desires. This desert trip is the ultimate in vacation destinations for those looking to hit the casino.


We’re heading much farther North now and Montreal, Canada has just a single casino but it is a very famous one. The Casino de Montreal is one of the biggest and best with French being spoken within this complex. Most gamblers, however, will be able to tell when money is on the line and then you have the whole of Montreal to explore. It’s one of the most sophisticated cities in the world with a little bit of everything to enjoy including shops, restaurants and hotels. If you’re thinking Canada then you cannot miss Montreal.


Monte Carlo

You could argue that Monte Carlo has the most glamorous casino in the world and the elegant Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the oldest in the world. It first opened up in 1863 and its décor epitomizes money. Unlike US casinos, there is a level of decorum and civility required to attend this casino and it is one of the classiest places to play some poker in the whole world. You will have to get your best tuxedo out to attend this one.



The tiny little island of Aruba boasts the most casinos out of any location in the Caribbean and each major hotel in this resort has its own casino. It’s a great place to visit where you can party into the early hours with a lot of the hotels staying open 24/7. Aruba really is a beautiful place to visit and definitely one of the more left-field choices on our list.


Atlantic City

Finally, we have Atlantic City and while few of our readers would opt to stay in this location for an entire vacation, there are plenty of excellent hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of casino options as well with the Borgata Casino and the Chelsea Hotel standing out to us. There are some top games to play in this location with the Pier Shops across from Caesars Palace worth a visit. It may not be the most glamorous of choices but it’s made our list as it is a top place to at least visit.