Surviving a longhaul air trip may be difficult. But those who know how to get ready for it face fewer issues! These simple hacks will teach you how to make it less boring and painful.

1. Get seated in business class. Oh, who could’ve guessed? But there is no better way to minimize your discomfort. Even if you can’t afford a normal business class ticket to your dream destination, there are plenty of ways to find cheap premium airfares, upgrade your coach class ticket, or even obtain a free seat. Most of your problems will go away!

2. Consider how to dress. Please, no high heels, tight jeans, or heavy belts – choose only natural fabrics, consider the quality and wear comfortable boots. Your skin should breathe so your body temperature will stay normal throughout the flight. Even if you fly in summer, bring a jacket or light coat to wear as it might be chilly in the cabin. Make sure your outfit is easy to clean and dry and pick dark colors: for example, if you spill coffee on your laps, the stains will be less noticeable.

3. Pack your luggage wisely. It should contain necessary things only. Many people don’t really understand what they will definitely need during the trip and fill their bags with tons of trash. There is also a chance that you have to make some purchases. Think about it well ahead and create the list to see clearly.

4. What’s in your personal amenity kit? Apart from self-care products, it should definitely contain soundproof headphones, a sleeping mask, a travel pillow, and earplugs. Business class travelers get such kits but if you fly coach class, you will have to pack your own one. Strictly speaking, you’d better take your own stuff even when you travel premium class.

5. Stock up on some snacks and still water. First, it is cheaper than buying extra in-flight foods. Second, you won’t always have to wait for a food cart to arrive. I personally don’t recommend drinking too much coffee and tea since they speed dehydration up. Alcohol isn’t a good solution too so try to drink water to maintain the healthy balance in your organism.

6. Take paper books and magazines. Keep in mind that there might be problems with charging your phone or tablet so you will have to somehow entertain yourself without using devices. In addition, your eyes will get tired of reading/watching from the screen.

7. Draw up a plan of your activities. Do you have any business tasks to manage? Do you have a book you’ve always wanted to read but never had enough time to? A longhaul air trip gives you a lot of free time. Decide what exactly you will spend it on – it is a good way to escape. Just consider that your activities should be diverse to refresh your brain.

8. Choose the right seat. While many flyers like to sit by the window, I suggest you looking for an aisle seat. It’s simple: you can take a walk any time or go to the bathroom and put your muscles to work. If you take a window seat, the access to the aisle will be blocked by other passengers. And to get more legroom, get seated near the exit.

9. Schedule your sleep. To many of us, sleeping seems to be the best in-flight activity. However, it also requires planning. Remember that you will have to adjust to another time zone. It is okay to sleep if you are on an overnight flight. But if your plane arrives at night, you’d better stay active during the day so you will be able to take a good rest later.

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