For the last five years, we’ve celebrated our wedding anniversary in a new destination, and year #6 will be no different. We can’t imagine a better way to spend our anniversaries than by exploring a new place together. This May 21st, we’re popping the champagne in Portugal. We’ll be taking a road trip from Lisbon up to Coimbra and Aveiro, then stopping in Porto and driving the Douro Valley, finally going up to Ponte De Lima. It’s going to be a road trip filled with romance, lots of yummy food and wine, of course.

If travel experiences aren’t your cup of tea, don’t forget to spend time exploring a rich selection of gifts for your 5th wedding anniversary. Or, take a little inspiration from our past 5 destination wedding anniversaries:

Wedding Anniversary Recap: Our Past 5 Travel Celebrations



1. Bohol And Apo Island, Philippines

The Philippines will always hold a special place in our heart since it’s the destination where we spent our very first wedding anniversary! Our first stop was Apo Island, world-renowned for its scuba diving. The dives were gorgeous, and we can confidently say that Apo Island had the best diving we’ve experienced yet. We felt like we were in a real-life version of Finding Nemo.

2. Macau And Hong Kong

For year number 2, we opted for a cosmopolitan-style anniversary in lieu of an exotic beach. We loved every minute of our time in Hong Kong and Macau. We went during the summer, which we think is the best time to go, and enjoyed everything from fine-dining to street foodie tours, seeing the famous sites and photographing the city.

Wine and Cheese Night Hong Kong Free Seating

3. Paris

Oh, Paris, the classic city of love. Yep, we figured we had to spend at least one anniversary in this iconic city, and we were not disappointed. Paris met us with delectable wine and a culinary tour we will never forget. We learned how to make macaroons and just soaked up our three-year anniversary in a city of love.


4. Nicaragua

Year four had us packing our bags to Nicaragua. Our trip started off in the colonial town of Granada with its massive cathedrals, a cruise through the tiny islands of the Isletas on Lake Nicaragua, exploring the fuming Masaya Volcano and zip-lining through the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve.

Our next stop took us to Isla de Ometepe, an island made of up two volcanoes sitting smack dab in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. We enjoyed every minute soaking up the nature and adventuring our way through this beautiful country.

5. Dominican Republic

Hands down, one of our favorites was last year in Dominican Republic. We fell in love with those beaches and had the most difficult time leaving them. From the delicious tastes of Santo Domingo to the gorgeous beaches of the Northern Coast, the DR managed to exceed all our expectations—so much so that we were looking up return tickets the moment we got back to Costa Rica!

The past five years have been ones we will never forget. We are thrilled to see what Portugal holds for our 6th!