We often get asked questions about what to pack for trips around the world. With limited suitcase space and weight, it can be hard to determine between the essentials and the nonessentials.

If we had to pick just one item that outweighs them all in importance, we’d choose our sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses is, in our opinion, the one thing you just can’t go without when traveling.

Why Sunglasses Are The One Travel Essential You Need



1. It’s not about all the style:

Yes, sunglasses are a great fashion statement and the perfect touch to any outfit. Tourists almost look incomplete without their favorite pair sitting atop their head. But, the reason we think it’s crucial to travel with sunglasses isn’t primarily for fashion, it’s for safety.

Most everyone is aware of the harmful effects the sun’s rays have on your skin. While many people may not heed the warning and use proper skin protection, it’s common knowledge that UV rays are dangerous.

What doesn’t seem to be common knowledge is that UV rays are just as dangerous to your eyes as they are to your skin. A huge portion of Cataracts cases (eyes that become gray/blue and blurry) are caused by UV exposure.

Not to mention, the sun’s rays have been linked to macular degeneration (one of the leading causes of blindness in the US) and Pterygium (a tissue growth that causes astigmatism.) (1.)

Moral of the story: your eyes need protection in the same way your skin does. If you want to keep seeing the wonders of the world, you’d better start protecting those eyes.

2. Comfort

No one wants to walk around the Taj Mahal or Eiffel tower squinting and grimacing from the sun’s strong light. Having your favorite pair of sunglasses is going to make all the difference in the way you enjoy the scenery and attractions you came for.

Pro Tip:

Not every pair of sunglasses is created equal. Finding and investing in a good pair of sunglasses is huge. A cheap pair is hardly going to do anything to protect your eyes, and in some cases, it won’t make you any more comfortable either. I’ve had more than one pair of cheap-o-glasses that were so bad I had to squint through the sun even with the glasses on!

Optically.co is one place where you can find excellent sunglasses for a great price. You might also want to consider getting a pair of Rx Sunglasses, too. These are ideal for individuals who don’t like to wear contact lenses all the time and expect to spend a good amount of time in the sun.

What is the one travel essential you wouldn’t dare leave without?

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