Regardless of the type of vacation you take, you will want to look your best. There is nothing worse than flicking through your holiday snaps and feeling that you want to delete most of them because you do not look good in them.

The key to avoiding this is to take your time and pack carefully. To help you to do this we have put together this practical packing guide. Provided you follow the tips outlined below you will have the right clothes with you, and they will not be wrinkled or crumpled.

Give yourself enough time

Our first tip is not to rush your packing. If you can, start putting together your holiday wardrobe at least a month before you are due to travel.

Think about the activities you hope to enjoy while you are away and plan your packing accordingly. By far the best way to make sure that you do not forget anything is to make a comprehensive packing list.

Try each outfit on before packing it

As you pull each outfit together, try it on. That way you can make sure that everything matches and fits properly.

Packing items of clothing that can easily be mixed and matched allows you to create multiple outfits. Taking this approach gives you more choice and helps you to be able to travel light. However, you need to make sure that you can wash, dry and possibly iron those items that you plan to wear more than once.

Pack multi-functional clothing

The more adaptable your holiday wardrobe is the better. It is always good to have a choice of outfits. That way if your plans change or the weather is not as you expect, you will still be able to look good.

For example, for a beach holiday packing swimming shorts is a better option than taking a pair of swimming trunks with you. Provided you buy the right type, you can wear those shorts while sightseeing, whereas swimming trunks can only be worn to the beach or by the pool.

Iron everything

Before you pack each item, check it for marks, missing buttons, broken zips and other issues. It will be much easier to sort these issues out before you travel than it will be once you reach your destination. Iron anything that needs it. The fewer creases there are in something before you pack it the better.

Roll rather than fold

When you pack, roll things up rather than folding them. This helps to reduce creasing. This 4-minute video shows you exactly how to use this packing method. If you do this most of your clothes will remain relatively crease free. Should there be small creases they will drop out when you hang them up in a steamy bathroom.

As you can see, the above tips are all extremely easy to implement. Yet following them will make a huge difference to how good you look while you are on holiday, and help you to enjoy your break more.