Traveling can be a drag once the excitement of planning paying and parking has been completed, especially if you happen to be one of the unlucky holiday makers that is delayed through no fault of your own.

Luckily many airports offer Wi-Fi and some don’t charge a penny for doing so, this is the time that our mobile devices come right into their own, proving their worth tenfold.  All you need to do is find your hotspot, get comfortable with something to drink and eat and the time spent waiting will fly by (pardon the pun) even if you are not.

We definitely live in the smartphone age, apps for about anything can be accessed with ease, and most are free or cost very little. From completing your banking to browsing for your next holiday there is an app for it, and since technology has advanced over the last few years the apps have increased in number so now the choice is, quite frankly, unbelievable.

It really is only ten years since Steve Jobs launched the very first generation of iPhone promising that it would change the way we communicate, and what vision he and the rest of the team had. Our phones are so personal to us that to lose or damage it is a minor disaster, (and perhaps a major for some).

Designers have made sure that the screens are big enough for us to watch a variety of services like movies and games, and also the capacity of the mobile has increased so they are able to run the apps easily. If you put that together with a faster, more reliable internet connection then you are up and running to experience the ultimate mobile adventure. One thing to take into consideration is battery life, as some apps do bleed your mobile power. Keep your charger handy when you are packing and that should solve any problem about battery life.

Each smartphone is totally individual to its owners needs and personality. As mentioned you can browse, shop, and then pay for good and services, play games at sites like Swanky Bingo and enjoy catching up with friends and all the latest gossip and news.  An interesting fact about bingo is that online it is more of a younger persons game.  This means that online bingo has enjoyed an incredible surge in popularity and consequently there are lots of bingo sites to choose from.

Sites will offer some great bonuses alongside casino and slot games, scratch cards and possibly arcade games too. This means if you are stuck at the airport then you will have a whole hive of entertainment at your fingertips.