It’s safe to say we live a relatively adventurous and outdoor oriented lifestyle. Just in the past few months, we’ve been white-water rafting on class 4 rapids, ran a trail marathon through the rainforest, and enjoyed ocean views in an infinity pool while monkeys swing through the nearby trees. Being surrounded by the rich nature of Costa Rica has inspired us in so many ways to remember that time is precious and to get out and enjoy life.


Infinity Pool With Monkeys in Costa Rica


This is where the Jord Wooden Watch comes in. Their focus on sustainability and experiential living is something that we really admire so when my Dark Sandalwood & Smoke Watch arrived in the mail I couldn’t wait to try it on.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get your Jord Wooden Watch is the presentation. My men’s watch was packaged inside an equally impressive wooden case. The case seals using magnets and even has a small drawer where you can put small accessories like cuff links or spare watch band pieces. Upon opening the box, you’ll see your unique watch wrapped around a small pillow.


Wooden Watch


I was immediately impressed by the minimalist design of the Dark Sandalwood & Smoke Watch. Of course, there are many different options you can choose from on the website including varying types of wood, different colored backgrounds, and watch faces so you can match your style.


Jord Wooden Watch


It’s worth noting that this cool watch only claims to be splash proof, not waterproof. So while it is perfect for a walk along the beach and will hold up in a surprise Costa Rican rainshower, I won’t be taking it with me surfing or white water rafting.

You can check out all the different options in the women’s shop or the men’s shop on the Wood Watches website.

For being an A Cruising Couple reader we are excited to team up with Jord Wood Watches to register for a free gift card. These are first come, first serve so get yours quick before they’re gone!

Living in Costa Rica where the weather can be quite extreme, metal rusts and tarnishes easily and everything seems to accumulate mold if not properly treated. The wood used for these unique watches are treated with natural oils to ensure quality over time. They’ve even gone so far as to partner with Boveda to provide a 2-way humidity pack ensures optimal conditions for the storage of your watch. So far I’ve had no problems with humidity or heat damaging the wood or mechanics.


Dark Sandalwood and Smoke Watch Jord


All in all, this is a great watch to dress up or dress down and I’ll be using it often as a reminder that time is precious, so live adventurously.

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