One of the best things about riding a motorcycle, rather than driving a car, is that you can experience your surroundings so much better than you would if you were enclosed in a truck or compact vehicle. A bike enables you to see everything, and it stimulates your senses. Traveling on secluded natural trails is a perfect way to connect to the world at large while enjoying a ride. As long as your motorcycle parts are up to date, you should check out these four US trails.


Twisted Sisters

No, we’re not talking about the rock band. These three trails are found in Texas, and they will give you a chance to hone your turning and weaving skills. These twisty trails are not for the faint of heart, but they will give you an opportunity to have a trip that you will never forget. They are Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337.


Beartooth Pass

Located in Red Lodge, Montana, this scenic journey will make sure that you properly field-test your EBC brakes. Sixty-eight miles of switchbacks and hairpin turns are enough to make even the most robust rider clench their handlebars.


Pig Trail Byway

Deep in Arkansas, this winding road will offer you amazing vistas, including the Ozark and Boston mountains. For nineteen miles, this beautiful trail will make your heart stop, but in a good way. Be sure to wear some speed and strength gloves, as the road can get a bit nippy and slippy during the fall and winter season.


Cabot Trail

All the way up in Nova Scotia lies a pristine stretch of road that will give you goosebumps and everlasting memories. As long as your motorcycle parts are top-quality, this 187-mile stretch, which offers stunning ocean views, will be a lifetime favorite. Make sure to visit the numerous small towns and villages where you can brush up on your French.