Lanzarote, part of the Canary chain, is a vibrantly-colored Spanish island just off the African coast. Marked by its year-long perfect weather and stunning volcanic landscapes, Lanzarote is ideal for those that want an exotic escape far from skyscraper resorts and the pressures of city living.


This stunning island contains around 132 miles of coastline, the majority of which consists of sandy beaches, with a few stretches of rocky terrain that create quite the view. Grab your beach bag and your camera! These three beaches are perhaps the best on the island:


Photo via Canary Islands Photos on Flickr


The Top 3 Beaches In Lanzarote


1. Papagayo


Make your way toward the southern coast of the island and you’ll find Papagayo, a gorgeous white-sand beach with red-cliffs towering over the navy water. It’s located in the Los Ajaches nature reserve, an area made beautiful by the surrounding volcanic landscape. This beach is one of the most popular on the island, attracting a lively crowd during high season. The nearby Playa Blanca resort provides a haven for the luxury-bent traveler, and the beach itself is dotted with laid-back bars and beach shacks to grab a snack and cool off from the sun’s rays.


2. Playa Quemada


As lovely as Papagayo is, there may come a time when you need a little “me” time away from the crowds. Playa Quemada might not be exactly what you picture when you think of paradise, but if you love the striking scenery of beaches with contrasting colors, you’ll love this beach. The dark, gravel-like sand looks gorgeous against the shimmering waters and makes the absolute perfect spot to tan in peace! You won’t find many people here besides locals and other tourists that need a little time away from it all.


3. Caletón Blanco


When you’ve achieved that perfectly bronze tan and are ready to get back to those dreamy white sands, the Caletón Blanco is the perfect next stop. Along this string of small coves, you will find small pools of warm, turquoise water and soft white sand. It’s alluringly beautiful and romantic in nature. Grab that special someone and finish off your day at the Caletón Blanco.


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