Sunset over Ibiza City
Photo via Frank Lammel


Coined as the billionaire’s playground, the boho-cool hippie chick, and the all-night raver of the Mediterranean, Ibiza is not just your average Spanish island. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil moment on your garden-clad balcony overlooking the crystalline shores of the Mediterranean, or you’re ready to paint the town red and party it up Bieber-style, Ibiza is the ultimate in luxurious vacation destinations.


The Ultimate Boutique Luxury Vacation In Ibiza

How to do it right.


Where To Stay

When it comes to luxurious vacations, your choice of accommodation will be the key factor that makes or breaks your trip. If you’re in love with the place you’re staying, even a bad day will be turned around as you sip your favorite Chardonnay from the comfort of your personal jacuzzi.


When it comes to luxurious accommodation, Ibiza’s got a pretty impressive list. Before you get lost in the myriads of boutique hotels, allow us to point you in the right direction. If you’re looking for a ritzy, energetic, and memorable place to stay in Ibiza, you can’t get much better than the 5-star Aguas de Ibiza Hotel in Santa Eulalia.


This hotel offers an on-site spa and restaurant that brings you a stately selection of fettuccini and facials. Don’t forget to start your day off the right way in Aguas De Ibiza’s state of the art fitness center, or join in on a 3, 5, or 7-day wellness retreat. Exploring Ibiza may pose as a bit of a challenge, however, as you likely won’t want to leave the hotel much. ;-)


Where To Eat

When you’re on a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, it’s a borderline crime to be on a diet.


Ibiza serves up the best of the best in cuisines ranging from Indian to Mexican to classic Mediterranean. Dine under the starry moonlit sky, or never leave your beach chair–the choice is yours.


Ca Na Ribes rests in a peaceful garden and serves up authentic Ibicencan dishes.

Café Bondi is a vegetarian’s oasis serving up fresh, healthy options in San Antonio’s lively atmosphere.

Nikki Beach Club is the place to go to experience the classes beach club atmosphere. Its beachfront location on the Balearic Sea makes it an absolute must-try.

GAVE Mx is the place to go for authentic Mexican flavors in a family-style atmosphere.


Ibiza has virtually every type of cuisine you could dream it. Try it all, and don’t hold back–these flavors are too good to be missed.


If you’re seeking a luxurious vacation to a dreamy Spanish Island, Ibiza is the ultimate choice. We’ve given you a few of our favorite spots in Ibiza, try them for yourself, and let us know what you think!


Have you traveled to Ibiza before? Which restaurants and hotels would you deem the best?