9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Book An All Inclusive Holiday Pin


There’s no denying advantages of an all-inclusive holiday. A trip where everything’s included can mean much less stress and organisation, more value for money, little cash to outlay once you arrive, and the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.


All Inclusive Resort Cancun


But what else do you need to know or ask about before you go ahead and book that all-inclusive trip?


1. Do you want romance?


  • One of the best ideas when it comes to romantic all-inclusive holidays is to look for trips that are adults-only. But ensure you find out what this really
  • For some providers, adults-only means romance and solitude. For others, it can mean partying 20-year-olds. Always ask!


2. Are you travelling with kids? 


  • If you’re travelling as a family, make sure there’s plenty to keep your kids occupied.
  • If you don’t want to entertain them yourself, dedicated kids’ clubs or activities are great. It’ll give them a chance to have fun and socialise while you relax elsewhere.
  • If you have young kids, finding out about babysitting services can be a lifesaver as well.


3. What room are you getting?


  • Don’t assume the luxurious rooms on the brochure or website are what you’ll end up with.
  • Research the hotels available and find out what each room type offers, which you’ll be getting with your all-inclusive trip and what amenities are included.
  • Don’t forget to ask if the hotel is undergoing any construction work too; if it is, request a room away from the work and noise.


4. Are flights included? 


  • Depending on where you’re going, an all-inclusive trip can include flights. But make sure you ask exactly what the flights entail.
  • Are there any stopovers? Is accommodation covered if you need to stay overnight? It usually is, but always ask.
  • Also, check if airport transfers to the hotel are included as well.


5. What about meals?


  • Almost all all-inclusive holidays come with meals. But what meals, exactly, will you get?
  • Some packages might offer a variety of restaurants and bars for you to dine at, while others ultimately leave you with only one option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find out exactly what meals are included before you book.
  • It’s also a good idea to ask when meals will be available. Can you get what you want 24-hours a day? Or are there designated dining times?


6. What drinks are included?


  • Included drinks vary depending on the package. For instance, some might say alcoholic drinks are included, but things like high-end spirits or cocktails will often be exempt.
  • Others might only include non-alcoholic beverages and require you to pay for alcoholic ones, and these can be expensive.
  • Always query what drinks are included with your meal package before you buy and make sure it suits your needs and budget.


7. What activities are available? 


  • Some all-inclusive packages may offer a wealth of activities you can partake in for free. This can present you with significant savings since you won’t have to pay for these activities on top of your package costs.
  • If there’s something specific you want to do, however, find out if it’s included. If it is, you could save a lot. The all-inclusive Namale Resort in Fiji, for example, offers everything from water skiing to rainforest hikes in its package.


8. Are you travel insured?


  • Travel insurance is essential for your holiday. Smartraveller recommends getting travel insurance and registering every trip you take.
  • Even cheap travel insurance packages are capable of covering various aspects of your trip, from medical to luggage and certain activities. But always make sure you check what’s covered and if it’s adequate for your holiday.


9. What’s not included?


  • Knowing what’s excluded from your package is important because it’ll give you an idea of how much else you’ll be required to spend at your destination.
  • Things that are often left out of all-inclusive holidays include:
  • Spa treatments
  • Tours/excursions
  • Motorised water sports
  • Some drinks (see above) and specialty meals
  • Automatic tips/gratuities
  • Internet access/Wi-Fi