The United States of America is a truly unique country. Here, in one place, you can find tons of different cultures from every part of the world, beautiful nature, heroic history and a place where all our beloved movies were created. But since it is so gigantic and full of many different types of people, USA also amazes with its weirdness which you won’t find anywhere else.

So today I am going to share the top five weird things many tourists, and probably you, will find in the USA, and the USA only! They are really extraordinary for many people, but this is what makes the US so amazing, and still be a country where dreams come true!


Driving everywhere

I have heard a lot of people saying, that one of the weirdest things for them in the United States is the fact, that people literally drive everywhere they are going. Even if that is a store around the corner! Well, Americans explain that very simply – since they shop a lot at the same time, it might be difficult to carry everything back home by feet. So, they use their huge cars and go shopping! Although, some Americans still drive to a store in the next street just to buy a bottle of milk.

On the other hand, for some people driving 16 hours to have a dinner in a big city is not a big deal. For example, I really know a person who used to live in Las Vegas and occasionally “go out” to Los Angeles with his friends. So for him, the journey from one big city to another wasn’t just a big deal. While for us this long journey can look pretty weird.


Another thing many people found weirdly odd in America is the fuss about prom. Especially about that part when one person is getting super shy and anxious to ask another one to go to this event together. Usually, the ritual of asking out can turn out to be a real spectacle, with tons of flowers, balloons or other creative solutions.

While some other countries also have something similar to a dance evening in schools, only in America we can find so many pomp and circumstance surrounding high school prom.

Being obsessed with America

Most of us are proud citizens of their countries, but Americas are the ones who are madly in love and shine their patriotism more than anyone else in this world. For example, is it very common to find a lot of American flags in ordinary houses, not to forget simple public spaces as well. You can also buy various accessories or even clothing with the starry flag and wearing it in the United States won’t be super weird at all. In fact, you will look like just another ordinary proud citizen!

Americans are also very proud of their country and usually call it the best in the world. To be fair, America is one of the strongest economies in the world, with very strong military power and overall influence on other countries. So there is nothing weird that people know it and love to accentuate it sometimes. Although, sometimes it can get a bit silly and impolite, especially knowing that every country has some problems, and nothing is perfect for 100 percent!

Price tags

Ok, this one is pretty weird for sure. In many stores, no matter how big or small they are, you will see price tags that look pretty great – they are usually pretty small. But don’t get surprised that you are going to be paying a lot more than the price tags says.

In America, for some unknown reasons, the price of things in stores is not the actual price but the price without tax and such. I can only speculate that this is the marketing trick, which can work on naïve shoppers or tourists like you!

Portion sizes

And finally, the last bizarre thing many of us can find only in the USA, is definitely the size of the portion we get in restaurants. We all know the sad statistics that Americans are one of the fattest nations in the world, with obesity wide spread not only among adults but children as well. So this might be a reason why portions in many places are pretty big.

On the other hand, the amount of money you are paying for the food is pretty big too. We can guess those cooks are trying to give you as much food as possible for that you are paying, and that results in huge portions size so weird to look at for not Americans.

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 -Written by Michelle