As anyone who has watched the hit television sitcom Benidorm can testify, this Spanish coastal resort is renowned as being larger than life, affordable and incredibly down to earth. While these are fundamental qualities that are associated with Benidorm, thinking of the location in such narrow terms does it a disservice and may prevent many from discovering it hidden charm. With a number of exciting and diverse Benidorm holidays available, it is important that travellers research the region from its  hotel offerings provided by,  to the culture and heritage they can expect to encounter.

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Why is Benidorm such a fun and surprising resort?

Ultimately, it will not take long to realise that Benidorm in fact remains a fun and enduringly surprising holiday resort with a great deal to offer. We look at the three compelling reasons to book a Benidorm holiday next summer: 

Climate and Beaches

Benidorm has two major beaches, and both are staggeringly beautiful. Levante and the exotically named Poniente represent picturesque and clean stretches of coastline, both of which seem to go on forever. Their naturally Southern location helps them to remain naturally clean, with both beaches renowned as regular winners of the prestigious European Blue Flag awards for service and water quality. Luxurious, spacious and exotic in equal measure, these beaches offer huge appeal to visitors.

An Interesting History and Cultural Heritage

Benidorm is stalked by a number of preconceptions and misgivings, many of which are based on the region’s reputation as a beer swilling haven (which was formed during the late 1970’s). Benidorm is often portrayed as a cheap and cheerful resort, despite the considerable regeneration that has categorised the region in recent times. This false perception also undermines Benidorm’s fascinating cultural heritage, which is best embodies by the quaint and historic Old Town. If you want to gain a true insight into Benidorm, visit this region and challenge your existing preconceptions.

A Developed and Cosmopolitan Region

Given the aforementioned regeneration, Benidorm now exists as one of Europe’s most developed and popular destinations. With excellent travel connections to the rest of Europe and an impressive modern infrastructure, Benidorm is a location that is easy to access and navigate as an international traveller. There is also an extensive mobile and fixed telephone network, while high-speed Internet access has also made its debut in the area in recent times.