Nicaragua is relatively less traveled compared to its southern cousin we now call home, but in no way does that mean there is any lack of incredible things to see and do. We spent two weeks exploring the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” and were amazed by what Nicaragua and its people have to offer. We usually stick to photographs, but this trip we knew there were going to be so many fun adventures that it would be nearly impossible to capture it solely through pictures.

Our trip started off in the colonial town of Granada with its massive cathedrals, a cruise through the tiny islands of the Isletas on Lake Nicaragua, exploring the fuming Masaya Volcano and zip-lining through the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve.

Our next stop took us to Isla de Ometepe, an island made of up two volcanoes sitting smack dab in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. This time our adventures included the natural freshwater springs at the Ojo de Agua (eye of water), a 7-hour hike and stunning view from the Maderas Volcano, and kayaking on Lake Nicaragua.

Finally, we concluded our trip with a sunset sailboat cruise in San Juan del Sur and surfing at Playa Maderas. When we said there is no lack of adventure activities in Nicaragua, we weren’t kidding!

Check out our video of our epic adventures in Nicaragua.

Epic Adventures In Nicaragua from Daniel Moore on Vimeo.

Have you been to Nicaragua? Which adventures would you do?

A huge thank you to Nature Air for flying us to Nicaragua and making our adventures possible!

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